BRCC TV The Education Channel

BRCC TV The Education Channel  •  Educational Television
A service of Blue Ridge Community College, located in Henderson County, NC

Morris Broadband Cable Channel  •  Ch 112 on converter box  •  CH 81.1 on QAM tuner


How can I watch BRCC TV?

BRCC TV can be found on Morris Broadband cable channel 112. For those without access to cable, streaming video of BRCC TV original programming is offered on the channel’s website.


Is BRCC TV a public access channel?

BRCC TV is not a public access or government channel. Its primary objective is to deliver meaningful credit and non-credit educational television programming to viewers.


What types of programs are aired on BRCC TV?

In addition to non-credit enrichment programming, telecourses and “teleweb” courses are offered. Teleweb courses are a combination of television and internet based courses. Programming may include BRCC Interactive Video Courses (ITV) which are pre-recorded demonstrations or features that support face-to-face classes.


BRCC TV produces original segments to support BRCC programs and events. Original programming topics can include automotive technology, gardening, technology, music, deaf culture, cosmetology, literature, business, health, and select lectures from experts.


Non-credit programming includes, but is not limited to, cultural enrichment programs and programs on public health and safety.


Can I get a DVD of a program that aired?

BRCC TV does not offer a duplication service. However, you can view the streaming video of original programming by visiting the BRCC TV Original Programs page.


How is the program schedule determined?

The BRCC TV programs are offered at the time of day that is most appropriate for the target audience of that particular program. These time slots are assigned based on BRCC research and best judgment. The Educational Television Coordinator creates the program lineup in conjunction with the Education Channel Committee, the Distance Learning Department, and the Media Services Department.


Program frequency, the number of times a program airs per week, will be determined by the Educational Television Coordinator and will be based on program priorities and time and space available.


Will BRCC TV air political programs?

BRCC TV does not air political programs that promote any candidate or party. It may from time to time, offer structured debates or general informational programs that provide an opportunity for a balanced presentation from all parties and points of view on issues of public importance.


Can BRCC TV programs be sponsored?

BRCC TV accepts underwriting for selected programs or for the general support of the Channel. The messages of the underwriting announcements will roughly follow the PBS standards for underwriting.

  • Messages may not include pricing information, calls to action, or directly commercial language for a business or organization.
  • Messages may be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds in length.
  • Underwriting messages may be included in program credits at the end of the show or at the beginning of the program.

For more information on underwriting, please visit our BRCC TV Underwriting page.


Will BRCC TV air my organization’s Public Service Announcements?

BRCC TV will air Public Service Announcements based on the following guidelines:

  • Messages may be 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds in length.
  • BRCC TV will not allow political spots of any kind.
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from public or governmental agencies, and from BRCC program partners may be accepted and aired.
  • The Educational Television Coordinator and/or BRCC administration reserve the right to reject inappropriate PSAs or those which do not fit within the BRCC TV mission.


Who can create programs for the channel?

Programs produced by BRCC TV must be originated or sponsored by program or division areas of Blue Ridge Community College and consistent with the mission of the College. Agencies within BRCC’s service area may be resources for programming under the direction of the appropriate BRCC unit. The sponsoring unit will need to submit a BRCC TV Program Request form internally for consideration.


What if I have produced a program that I want considered for airing on BRCC TV?

Completed programs can be submitted for consideration to air on BRCC TV. They must meet all content and technical guidelines as outlined in the FAQ. Submit materials that meet these guidelines to the BRCC Educational Television Coordinator.


I have a BRCC event I want to promote on BRCC TV, what do I need to do?

Information about events and activities to be aired on BRCC TV should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the desired air date to the BRCC Educational Television Coordinator.


We are a BRCC Department or Division and would like to submit a program idea. What steps do we need to follow to get our program aired on BRCC TV?


A completed BRCC TV Program Request Form with the appropriate approval must be submitted through BRCC’s SharePoint system. Final approval from programming will be made by the BRCC President and Leadership Team.

  • Submission should be made at least 6 months in advance of the requested target air date
  • A completed program request form must be completed with all pertinent information and permissions included: target audience, demographics, purpose, educational goals, and anticipated outcomes should be identified.


Now that my program idea has been approved, what are the key issues I need to be aware of before I get final approval for the program to be aired?

Program partner responsibilities include all releases and certification of written permissions and copyright for all material submitted for inclusion in BRCC Programs.


Technical Standards:
All material submitted for broadcast must meet BRCC TV technical standards for audio and video. Programs submitted may be rejected if they are deemed not to meet technical standards. 

Video Standards:
All video material must be full resolution NTSC broadcast video.  

Audio Standards:
Audio for all programs should be free from distortion with peak levels not to exceed -12db at 44,000 Hz or 48,000 Hz sampling rates. 

Copyrighted Materials:
Copyrighted material will not be broadcast unless appropriate clearances have been obtained, and written proof of such clearance can be presented to BRCC TV. 

Pornographic or lewd imagery will not be allowed on any BRCC Programs. No obscene material or material which incites violent or harmful acts on other persons will be allowed. The definition of pornography will be determined solely by the BRCC Administration. 

Standards of conduct by on-air presenters:
Individuals who participate in BRCC television programs will be expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and present a positive image of the College. Appropriate dress, language and behavior are expected at all times. No sexually explicit conduct will be allowed. If non-college guests are participating in BRCC produced programs, they are expected to follow BRCC guidelines and standards of conduct as well. 

Fairness Policy:
The programs offered by BRCC on The Education Channel are non-discriminatory. Programs on the channel will not discriminate against race, age, sex, ethnicity and culture, or social backgrounds. Disparaging or harassing language will not be tolerated in any form. 

Program Review:
The BRCC College Administration and/or designee reserves the right to review all programs before broadcast to determine compliance with the BRCC TV guidelines, objectives and restrictions. Any program reviewed may be: 1.) accepted as presented, 2.) may be turned down completely, or 3.) may be given conditional approval. In the case of conditional approval, a program may be deemed appropriate, except for technical deficiencies or stated objectionable or offensive program portions, which will be listed as needing revision or deletion from the program. The sponsor of the program will then have the option of making all specified changes or withdrawing the program from consideration altogether.