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BRCC TV The Education Channel  •  Educational Television
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In addition to programs from nationally recognized distance learning providers, Blue Ridge Community College shares a wealth of knowledge with the community by giving viewers a variety of locally produced programs and special features. Original programs developed and produced by BRCC TV staff, and BRCC students, feature the expertise of the College’s outstanding departments, programs, and faculty providing a wide range of subjects for viewers to experience.


During BRCC TV’s first year of operation, a number of new programs were introduced to our program line-up. BRCC TV staff members, and students, are continually working with college faculty to develop additional programs and bring the learning experience to your home. As programs are added, we will release the announcement on our RSS Feed and our website.


Apple School

Dr. Terence Robinson, a professor and Applied Fruit Crop Physiologist from Cornell University Cooperative Extension in Geneva, NY presents at the N.C. Cooperative Extension Henderson County 2013 Winter Apple School, a new method for planting, growing and maintaining an apple orchard.

Implementation of this Tall Spindle Apple Orchard System promises to reduce labor costs and to increase yields and fruit quality.

Apple on treeWe also follow Dr. Robinson to a local apple orchard in Henderson County so he can demonstrate the techniques he discusses in his presentation.


Apple School Programs




Beekeeping: Installing Your Honeybees

When most people think of honeybees, they mainly think of the honey they produce. However, pollination is by far the most important aspect of honeybees. Crop pollination is worth $15 billion annually, and honeybees are the most important pollination insect for seed, fruit and vegetable crops in the world. Honeybee pollination provides 1/3 of all the food you eat every day. Unfortunately, U.S. beekeepers are losing 1/3 of their colonies each year, requiring new colony creation.

Beekeeper and Hive This program is a guide that novice beekeepers can use to help them properly install Package Bees and Nuc's and establish new hives.  Included are techniques that nurture and maximize colony population during the critical time prior to the nectar flow in Spring.

Beekeeping: Installing Your Honeybees



Blue Ridge Bookfest

Interviews with several authors featured at the Blue Ridge Bookfest, held annually at Blue Ridge Community College.

Blue Ridge Bookfest

The Bookfest seeks to encourage interest in the literary arts by providing the public with personal access to significant authors and their published works.


Blue Ridge Bookfest Interviews



BRCC Presents
Each year, Blue Ridge Community College hosts a variety of programs or events on campus.

BRCC Presents LogoBRCC Presents brings the latest events, community programs, and in-depth interviews to your home.


BRCC Presents



Business Watch
Bob Williford, Henderson County Chamber of Commerce, hosts this look at what drives the Henderson Co. economy, as well as the challenges & opportunities.

Some of the topics covered include Summer Camps and Job Hunting.

Business Watch Logo


 Business Watch



Creating Success
People in a wide variety of fields credit their success to their experience at Blue Ridge Community College.

Creating Success Logo

Their journey may have included hardship, challenges, or even doubts. In the Creating Success series, meet former students and hear their inspirational stories about how they took advantage of all BRCC has to offer to make their dreams and hopes a reality.


Creating Success


Soul's Journey: Inside The Creative Process
 A 6-part documentary series created to provide viewers with insight into the creative process as it is revealed through the work of studio craft artists with diverse cultural backgrounds living and working in the Southern United States.

Soul's Journey Logo


Soul's Journey: Inside The Creative Process

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