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Beekeeping: Installing your Honeybees


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When most people think of honeybees, they mainly think of the honey they produce. However, pollination is by far the most important aspect of honeybees. Crop pollination is worth $15 billion annually, and honeybees are the most important pollination insect for seed, fruit and vegetable crops in the world. Honeybee pollination provides 1/3 of all the food you eat every day. Unfortunately, U.S. beekeepers are losing 1/3 of their colonies each year, requiring new colony creation.

This program is a guide that novice beekeepers can use to help them properly install Package Bees and Nuc's and establish new hives.  Included are techniques that nurture and maximize colony population during the critical time prior to the nectar flow in Spring.

Beekeeping: Installing your Honeybees

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