Soul's Journey: Inside the Creative Process


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Soul's Journey LogoSoul's Journey: Inside the Creative Process was created to provide viewers with insight into the creative process as it is revealed through the work of studio craft artists with diverse cultural backgrounds living and working in the Southern United States. Many nationally recognized and successful "makers" were chosen to be part of the programs.

The selection criteria are important to understand. Firstly, selected individuals who make outstanding work. Secondly, considerations were made for inclusion of artists from different ethnic backgrounds, geographical areas-urban and rural, and artists of different ages and gender. And thirdly, artists were chosen to represent different media areas: wood, metal, fiber, clay, glass, and furniture. A balance in these areas was attempted to illustrate the broad diversity found in the professional contemporary craft industry in America.

More than 200 hours of raw footage were captured in the journey to studios from Florida to Virginia. Often recording sessions with the individual artists required visiting their studios several times to document the progression from idea to reality. The "gems" of this experience form the kernel of Soul's Journey: Inside the Creative Process. The series represents a video tapestry of contemporary studio crafts in a new and different way.


BRCC TV David HuttoDavid N. Hutto, the Executive Producer of the series, was responsible for the concept and vision of the series. He served as producer, art director and animator for Soul's Journey. He also wrote and produced several original pieces of music for the documentaries.

Hutto has produced, written and directed numerous educational television programs that have aired on state, regional and national networks. He has received more than 60 national and regional awards for his work.

BRCC TV Chance SimpsonChanse Simpson served as director, cinematographer, and editor of Soul's Journey. He traveled across 10 Southern states to document 22 artists and craftspeople at work in their studios. Chanse is an independent producer / editor based in North Carolina. His production work includes character-driven documentaries as well as history and cultural programs.