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BRCC TV The Education Channel  •  Educational Television
A service of Blue Ridge Community College, located in Henderson County, NC

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To offset operation costs, BRCC TV accepts underwriting for selected programs or for the general support of the Channel. All BRCC TV underwriting will follow the guidelines outlined below. If you or you company is interested in becoming a BRCC TV underwriter, please email Rich Keen, BRCC Educational Television Coordinator or call (828) 694-1889.


 BRCC TV Underwriting Guidelines

BRCC TV shall strictly adhere to the Federal Communications Commission's ("FCC") adopted rules and published policies and opinions concerning commercial underwriting for noncommercial, educational broadcasting.


Underwriter Identification
An underwriter may not be anonymous. All underwriters shall be identified by their name and/or logo in the video. If a logo by itself does not adequately disclose the identity of the underwriter, then the underwriter's name must be stated in audio or video. In addition to an underwriter's name and/or logo, a credit can have additional information in the audio and/or video that helps identify the underwriter. This additional information cannot be gratuitously or blatantly promotional nor can it be self-congratulatory. The credit also cannot take a position on a particular issue or subject.

The following list pertains to certain types of language, phrases and visuals the FCC has deemed promotional and will not be allowed in underwriting credits on BRCC TV:

  • call to action (e.g., "come in today and take a test drive")
  • superlative description or qualitative claim about the company, its products or its services (e.g., "the most intelligent car ever built")
  • direct comparison with other companies or with other companies' products or servicesprice or value information (e.g., "only $160 down and $160 per month," or "7.7% interest rate available now," "affordable," "discount," or "free")
  • inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease (e.g., "six months free service when you buy," or "guaranteed for life")
  • endorsements (e.g., "recommended by 4 out of 5 doctors for headache pain")
  • demonstrations of consumer satisfaction

The following types of additional information are acceptable:

  • Value neutral descriptions of a product line or serviceBrand and trade names and product or service listings
  • Visual depictions of specific products
  • Location information, including telephone numbers and Web addresses and/or
  • Logograms or slogans which identify and do not promote

Underwriting credits shall not contain information that would create the perception of a connection between the program and the underwriter's products or services. This is especially relevant in any program that contains references and usage of consumer products. The appearance of product placement shall be avoided. Competitor's products don't need to be substituted for those of an underwriter; however, care shall be taken to ensure that the appearance of an underwriter's product is purely incidental and can't be mistaken as product placement. 

The underwriter's name may be preceded by the phrase "the people of" or "the people at". However, phrases such as "your friends at" or "the experts at" are not acceptable. 

The words "in part" shall be used if an underwriter only supplied partial funding for the program. This will be true of all programs that use BRCC TV's equipment and/or facilities for any part of the production or post-production process. 


Underwriting credits can be at the beginning of a program at the producer's discretion, but must be at the end of a program after any production credits. Individual sponsorship credits will not exceed 15 seconds each, and total sponsorship credits will not exceed 60 seconds. 

Underwriting Individual, Locally Produced Shows
15 second spot pre-produced that airs at the end and can also air at the beginning at producer's discretion every time the program runs, including re-runs. Underwriters for individual shows will be credited in any syndication of a program as well as any BRCC TV airings.

Underwriting credits for syndicated programming acquired by BRCC TV should adhere to these guidelines as well, but exceptions can be made by the Educational Television Coordinator. Exceptions will be more likely for length rather than content guidelines, and political advertisements can never air on BRCC TV.

General Underwriting
General underwriting of BRCC TV not directed at specific programs is also available. All of the above criteria apply to this type of underwriting as well. Timeslots for these credits will be designated in groups, as BRCC TV programming is currently arranged in 12 hour blocks that repeat once to make a 24 hour day. For example, if a credit was to air at 8:00 p.m., it would also air at 8:00 a.m. on the same calendar day. Because our program lengths vary, designating a specific time your credit is to air is not feasible.

For a donation of $500 per quarter, you will receive a 10 second credit aired twice daily 12 hours apart and, additionally, up to a 15 second credit at the end of all BRCC TV produced programs created during that period of time. An underwriter can choose not to have a credit aired after a particular BRCC TV produced program if they prefer. Pre-produced underwriting credits are allowed and need to adhere to BRCC TV quality guidelines. BRCC TV can create the credit, but will be limited to a logo and/or picture provided by the underwriter and audio produced by BRCC TV. Copyright for any pictures, audio and video provided by the underwriter for use in the credit must be secured in writing by the underwriter and provided to BRCC TV prior to the airing of any pre-produced or BRCC TV produced credit. The script for the credit can be written by BRCC TV or the underwriter at mutual discretion, and both parties must approve of the script prior to production taking place. 


In-kind Goods & Services
While not required, credit may be given for in-kind goods and services that have been provided to the producer at nominal or no cost. This can be given in text during the normal ending credits of a program or in the underwriting credit blocks following the same rules as sponsoring individual, locally produced shows. This is at the producer's discretion. 


Fee Changes
These guidelines are subject to periodic updating. All current underwriters will be notified either via email or in writing of changes 30 days prior to the changes taking effect. All general underwriting levels are subject to quarterly reevaluation. Individual program underwriting levels are at the discretion of the producers of the program. All underwriters are subject to Blue Ridge Community College and BRCC TV approval and can have their underwriting canceled at any time by BRCC TV if the underwriter is involved in any activities that go against the mission of Blue Ridge Community College or BRCC TV. 


It is the responsibility of the producer to adhere to all the rules set forth by their employer/sponsoring organization regarding the solicitation and receiving of funds, goods and services used toward the production of programming that is aired on BRCC TV. Programming produced all or in part by BRCC TV must adhere to any additional rules and regulations regarding the solicitation and receiving of funds, goods and services as outlined in the Blue Ridge Community College Policy and Procedure manual. Any rule or regulation contained in the BRCC Policy and Procedure manual supersedes the guidelines laid out in this document.