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Virtual Campus Tour

The Virtual Campus Tour was created by students enrolled in BRCC's Simulation and Game Development program. The tour covers the Henderson County Campus.

In order to view this campus tour, you will need the free Unity Web Player plugin which is available for download here.  Minimum System Requirements: Windows XP or greater, 2GB RAM, currently not supported on mobile devices  To navigate around the virtual campus tour, review the instructions below.



Start-up Data Panels Instructions
Virtual Tour Control DirectionsThis tour was created by
Lead Instructor
Richard Sykes
Lead Developers
Dara Thiv
Erika Ogle

Project Contributors
Jon Keefauver
Brian Blair
David Herring
John Nelson
Zachary McCurry
Evan Pischel
Devon Creamer
Harrison Wyatt
Zach Olivier
Domenick Chan
Tyler Jones
Russell Tredinnick
Chris Clayton

Special Thanks To
Dr. Molly Parkhill
Dr. Celeste Oprean
Use the W A S D keys to move:

W - move forward
A - move left
S - move backwards
D - move right
Use the "X" key to interact with things.
Use the "Spacebar" (on keyboard) to jump.
Use the Mouse to rotate the view and click things.