Arida Arts Symposium

Watercolor Painting by Ann Vasilik, artist

Arida Arts Symposium 2018

Friday, October 5, 2018

featuring Watercolor Painter Ann Vasilik


Ann Vasilik, artist The Artist
Ann Vasilik, a native of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania has lived in Asheville, North Carolina since 1988. She received a bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Philadelphia College of Art. Ann has worked as a painter and teacher in Virginia, California, Hawaii, North Carolina and the Republic of the Philippines. She has had numerous one-woman shows and has received many awards and commissions. Her work is contained in private and corporate collections.


Artist’s Statement
“Control of spontaneity is one of the contradictions of watercolor for me. The transparency of the washes bringing solid objects to life is the other. I love looking at the world around me and capturing the quality of light and dark. To “see” with excitement and passion, I strive to have something distinctive to say about my personal vision. I enjoy the bold use of color and brushwork to achieve an enhanced space and light creating a heightened realism. I reach outward for my work rather than inward, but have a profound inward joy of seeing and painting as expressed in the style and spirit of my work.”


The Celebration
Friday, October 5, 2018, at Blue Ridge Community College

For more information please call (828) 694-1710.


Free Admission
All events are funded by the Gamil T. Arida Endowment Fund through Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation and are free to the public.


About the Arida Arts Symposium

The Arida Arts Symposium was established in 1993 to honor North Carolina artists and their contributions to the arts. This annual event is funded by the Gamil T. Arida Endowment Fund in the BRCC Educational Foundation.


Arida Arts Symposium Featured Artists 

1993 Robert Morgan, writer
1994 Michael Sherrill, clay artist
1995 Sarah Johnson, violinist
1996 Jeremiah Miller, painter
1997 Georgia Bonesteel, quilter
1998 Stoney Lamar, wood turner
1999 Donald Davis, storyteller
2000 Scott Treadway, actor
2001 Daniel Miller, metalsmith
2002 Celebrating Ten Years
2003 Louise Bailey, local historian and writer
2004 Ann Dunn, choreographer and poet
2005 The Voorhees Family
2006 Paul Bonesteel, filmmaker
2007 Daniel Millspaugh, metal sculptor
2008 Steven Walter, guitar builder and performer
2009 Chaffe McIlhenny and Bonnie Hamilton, glass artists
2010 Glenis Redmond, performance poet
2011 Richard Bernabe, photographer
2012 Kevin Ayesh, pianist
2013 Marilyn Bailey, jewelry maker
2014 Bernie Rowell, fiber artist
2015 Lisa Bryant, actress and producer
2016 Pat Shepherd, dancer, choreographer, and teacher
2017 Free Planet Radio, world music band
2018 Ann Vasilik, Watercolor Painter


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About the Dr. Gamil T. Arida
Endowment Fund

A scholar, physician, and benefactor, Dr. Arida established this endowment in 1990. The income is used to support the Arida Arts Symposium and may be used to provide scholarships to local or international students, for faculty positions, and for other priority needs of Blue Ridge Community College.

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