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Serving Henderson and Transylvania Counties in Western North Carolina

Steps to Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Funding for Training


1. Register

  • Register at the front desk of the Henderson County or the Transylvania County NCWorks Center at Blue Ridge Community College.

2. Enroll, complete placement tests

  • Be enrolled into Career Ready 101 training and complete three placement tests in the NCWorks Center Employability Lab:
    • Applied Math
    • Locating Information
    • Reading for Information

3. Complete and print

  • Complete and print the assessment webpage.

4. Meet

  • Meet with the NCWorks Career Center Counselor and bring along printout.
  • Call (828) 694-1755 or (828) 883-2550.

5. Complete placement tests

  • Curriculum students: Complete placement tests
  • Non-curriculum / continuing education students: complete Career Ready 101 training placement tests

6. Meet, sign up

  • Meet with the Program Coordinator for your desired program and ask questions about the program and jobs in that field.
  • Make sure that you’ve signed up for BRCC Placement Test in order to develop class schedule.

7. Optional:

  • Attend NCWorks Center workshops that apply to you, especially Career Exploration & Key Skills.

8. Apply for college

  • Curriculum students must complete the application for the college & obtain any required transcripts or documents.

N/A for short term training.

9. Apply for FAFSA

  • Curriculum students must complete Free Application for Financial Student Aid (

N/A for short term training.

10. Collect documents

  • Collect all required documentation to determine eligibility, along with assessment printout and Career Ready 101 placement scores.
  • Curriculum students must also submit their class schedule for upcoming semester.

11. Submit

  • Submit at the NCWorks Career Center front desk:
    • completed WIOA pre-application
    • gathered documentation

12. Make appointment

  • Make an appointment at NC Works Career Center with a W.I.O.A. Counselor

For long term training contact Jason Chappell: (828) 694-1753,

For short term training at the Transylvania County NCWorks Center, call (828) 883-2550.

13. If approved

  • If approved for funding, be entered into the W.I.O.A. database and sign releases/paperwork.

14. Receive voucher

  • Be issued a voucher to pay the cashier and bookstore.

15. Start classes!

For information regarding Financial Aid contact:
Jason Chappell
(828) 694-1753

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