Associate in Applied Science Humanities Electives

The following listings for Humanities Electives apply to Associate in Applied Science degree-seeking students. These electives should be carefully selected with the faculty advisor to ensure proper credit. Some programs of study have specific courses that meet the humanities elective requirement. ASL, foreign language, and public speaking courses cannot count as the sole humanities course in an associate in applied science program.

ART   111    Art Appreciation

ART   114    Art History Survey I

ART   115    Art History Survey II

DRA   111    Theatre Appreciation

DRA   112    Literature of the Theatre

ENG   231    American Literature I

ENG   232    American Literature II

ENG   233    Major American Writers

ENG   241    British Literature I

ENG   242    British Literature II

ENG   252    Western World Literature

ENG   262    World Literature II

HUM  123    Appalachian Culture

MUS  110    Music Appreciation

PHI     210    History of Philosophy

PHI     230    Introduction to Logic

PHI     240    Introduction to Ethics

REL    110    World Religions

REL    211    Intro to Old Testament

REL    212    Intro to New Testament

REL    221    Religion in America

Credit Hours: