Practicum Requirements

Early Childhood and School-Age Education Practicum Requirements

To register for the practicum courses in the early childhood or school-age programs, students will be required to sign that they have received the practicum packet and successfully complete the following process with the lead instructor of either the school-age or early childhood program.
1. Submit a completed practicum application form.
2. Complete an acknowledgement of applicant’s ability to provide safe care of children. The applicant will sign a statement that she/he understands they must demonstrate a level of physical and emotional health that is indicative to their ability to provide safe care of children.
3. Effective January 1, 1996, anyone working, or wanting to work, in child care must complete a criminal records background check. For compliance with North Carolina Division of Child Development regulations, a criminal background check is a search of local, state, and/or federal records to determine if a person has been convicted of a crime. The results of the background check are used to decide if the person’s experience is fitting to care for children.
4. Sites hosting Blue Ridge Community College students in practicum experiences may require a criminal background check, a medical release, or additional requirements.