SBS Elective

Social/Behavioral Science Electives

The following listing for Social/Behavioral Science Electives applies to Associate in Applied Science degree-seeking students. These electives should be carefully selected with the faculty advisor to ensure proper credit. Some programs of study have specific courses that meet the social/behavioral science elective requirement.

ANT   210    General Anthropology

ECO   151    Survey of Economics

ECO   251    Principles of Microeconomics

ECO   252    Principles of Macroeconomics

GEO   111    World Regional Geography

HIS     111    World Civilizations I

HIS     112    World Civilizations II

HIS     131    American History I

HIS     132    American History II

POL    120    American Government

POL    130    State and Local Government

PSY    150    General Psychology

PSY    237    Social Psychology

PSY    241    Developmental Psychology

PSY    281    Abnormal Psychology

SOC   210    Introduction to Sociology

SOC   213    Sociology of the Family

SOC   220    Social Problems

Credit Hours: