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Dr. Eliza B. Graue Extra Mile Award

Dr. Eliza B. Graue, former president of Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation, Inc., established an endowment in 1990 to fund an annual faculty recognition award (for any full- or part-time instructional staff member at Blue Ridge Community College in Curriculum or Continuing Education) which commends an instructor who has in some special way touched the lives of students at Blue Ridge Community College.

 An educator herself, Dr. Graue knew that without the support, inspiration, understanding, and encouragement provided by teachers, many students would not continue their education.  This endowment has been established to provide special recognition for instructors who provide outstanding service to students.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the Extra Mile Award is to recognize an instructor who encouraged a student to strive for goals beyond his or her expectations.  In supporting your nomination, please describe how this instructor has motivated his or her students.  

Cite specific examples of actions taken and/or support extended.


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