May 2017 Commencement Graduate Listing


BRCC News | Published May 12, 2017

(Flat Rock, NC - May 12, 2017) The following students, listed with program of study, will graduate at Blue Ridge Community College's commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 13, 2017.


Jonathan Paul Anderson, Fire Protection Technology

Joseph Henry Chandler, Computer-Integrated Machining

Hilliard G. Culbertson, Networking Technology

William Roy Day, Computer Information Technology

Rebecca Bosman Hatley, Interpreter Education

Christopher Logan Hedrick, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Lauren Nicole Jackson, College Transfer

Melissa Jeanne Jordan, Criminal Justice Technology

Randy Edward King, Emergency Medical Science

Emily Francis Kocha, Emergency Medical Science

Jessica Rae Koon, Cosmetology

Shana Kaelyn McBride, Associate Degree Nursing

Sean Frederick Norman, Associate Degree Nursing

Ramiro Ramos, Welding Technology-Industrial Maintenance Welding

Julian Jacob Caedmon Tracey, Simulation and Game Development

Joy Ellen West, Associate Degree Nursing

David Clark Worley, Fire Protection Technology

Emma Nichole Worthy, Cosmetology

Amber Diane Yancey, Cosmetology



Sherry Lea Joines, Interpreter Education

Erin Joanne Mansfield, Interpreter Education



Wesley Michael Adams, College Transfer

Luis Angel Aguilar, College Transfer

Liezelle Quevedo Alipio, College Transfer

Gabriella Gause Andersen, Cosmetology

Mersedes Maria Arboleda, College Transfer

Kira Magnolia Ashcraft, College Transfer

Garrett Edward Baker, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Juan Carlos Barco, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Eran Elisabeth Bates, Interpreter Education

Lisette Bedolla, College Transfer

Holly J. Biddix, Office Administration

Dylan Thomas Bishop, College Transfer

Lazarus C. Bishop, Welding Technology

Holly Marie Blackwell, Associate Degree Nursing

Brian Kenneth Blair, Computer Programming

Jennifer Nicole Boughter, Associate Degree Nursing

Katina Antionette Braswell, Office Administration

Haley Breanna Brazell, Associate Degree Nursing

Jeremy Charles Brothers, Computer Programming

Karen Marie Burnham, Associate Degree Nursing

Dina M. Burns, Emergency Medical Science

Hanna W. Burrell, Cosmetology

Corey Rydelek Cagle, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Jennifer Denise Cairnes, Criminal Justice Technology

Helen Lucille Campbell, Simulation and Game Development

Chelsa Danielle Cannon, Associate Degree Nursing

Amanda Kaye Carland, Cosmetology

Molly Bridget Carlin, Cosmetology

Ana Maria Carmona, Early Childhood Education–Infant and Toddler

Austin Edward Carroll, Welding Technology–Industrial Welding

Katherine Elizabeth Conley, College Transfer

Katie B. Conner, College Transfer

Nathan Brant Crabtree, College Transfer

Javier Cruz, Accounting

Nicholas Lucas Cummings, Computer Information Technology

Shane Michael Curtis, General Occupational Technology

Asa James Davidson, Computer Information Technology

Linda Catherine Del Buono, Associate Degree Nursing

Frank Joseph Devizzio, III, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

David Ryan Dexter, Computer Programming

Noah S. Dickinson, Horticulture Technology

Michael David Dirks, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Tonya Leigh Dirkse, Office Administration

Savannah Faith Dobbs, College Transfer

Kerry Michael Doll, Business Administration–Banking and Finance

Thomas Albert Drye, College Transfer

Savannah Joyce Duckett, College Transfer

William Thomas Dwyer, Art

Letha Katlind Edwards, Associate in General Education

Jessica Danielle Ferguson, Esthetics Technology

Logan C. Fitchett, Welding Technology–Industrial Maintenance Welding

Marlena Nancy Franks, College Transfer

Valery Lucero Garcia, College Transfer

Gianna Grace Gerard, College Transfer

Tanner Michael Gilliam, Alternative Transportation Technology–Alternative Fuels

Daelyn Marie Gonzalez, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Charles Andrew Gosnell, Criminal Justice Technology

Mary K. Gray, Associate Degree Nursing

Natasha Cierra Hagan, Accounting

Zackary Austin Hall, Business Administration–Marketing & Retailing

James Hunter Hall, IV, College Transfer

Davion Robert Hambley, College Transfer

Kimberly Ingle Hamilton, Associate Degree Nursing

Brandon Lee Hartle, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Taylor Rae Harwood, Cosmetology

Hayden Michael Hawkins, Business Administration

Victoria Amber Hayes, Office Administration

James Grady Heatherly, III, Computer Information Technology

Amber M. Hernandez, Cosmetology

Denisse Alejandra Hernandez Estrada, College Transfer

Pamela Mae Herre, Basic Accounting–Bookkeeping I

Kristen Amanda Hill, Cosmetology

Sarah Mackenzie Hill, Business Administration

Timothy Alan Hoglen, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I

Patricia Ann Holbert, Cosmetology

Sarah Nicole Holder, College Transfer

Anna Elizabeth Hover, Associate Degree Nursing

Parker S. Hudgins, College Transfer

Amber Dawn Huntley, Cosmetology

Lora Savanah Hyler, College Transfer

Tiffany Elise Iannucci, Esthetics Technology

Amber L. Jackson, Cosmetology

Michael Gregg Jacobs, Automotive Systems Technology

Jordan Kaylie Jones, Associate Degree Nursing

Savannah Lee Jones, College Transfer

Tanner Ray Kilpatrick, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology–Fuel Systems

Amanda Marie Kingsley, College Transfer

Artur I. Konko, College Transfer

Michael David LaBerge, College Transfer

Genesis Betsayda Lagos, College Transfer

Taylor Brook Lane, Associate Degree Nursing

Douglas Lawrence Lanning, Jr., College Transfer

John Wesley Ledford, Welding Technology

Anthony Dominique Little, Fire Protection Technology

Ashley Nicole Livingston, College Transfer

Sandra Abigail Lozano, Cosmetology

Ashley H. Marchioni, Office Administration

Lawrence Andrew Maroni, College Transfer

Patrick Cabahug Martin, Simulation and Game Development–Modeling

Erick Martinez, College Transfer

Liliana Martinez Salgado, Office Administration–Medical Office

Monica J. Massey, College Transfer

Logan Avery McCall, College Transfer

Zachary Andrew McCall-Marshall, Welding Technology–Industrial Welding

Ashley Anne McCarson, Associate Degree Nursing

Megan Verity McGarra, Cosmetology

Melinda Ann McIe, Associate Degree Nursing

Matthew Morgan McMahan, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Trisha Amber Meadows, Associate Degree Nursing

Adrian Paul Metzker, Welding Technology–Industrial Welding

Shawn Allen Middleton, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Iku Grace Miyagi, Cosmetology

Andrew D. Montano, College Transfer

Vytariana Lorene Moore, Cosmetology

Audrianna Guadalupe Moreno, Accounting

Lance Sheldon Morsell, College Transfer

Robert Jonathan Mullinax, Computer-Integrated Machining

Zack Hugh Murray, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

L. Ryland Novak, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Edward Scott Orrell, Emergency Medical Science

Angela L. Overman, Cosmetology

Makayla Ann Pack, College Transfer

Fernanda Gissel Paniagua, College Transfer

Karie Nichol Parish, Cosmetology

Shivani Hitesh Patel, College Transfer

Micah Bruce Peace, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology–Fuel Systems

Sarah DeRosa Phipps, Cosmetology

Jamin Tavis Pierson, Interpreter Education

Karly Nikole Alexandra Pratt, Interpreter Education

Austin James Praytor, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Blake O. Presley, Welding Technology–Industrial Maintenance

Adam Ray Pridmore, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Brandon Hamilton Prusik, Criminal Justice Technology

Alex Jose Ramirez, College Transfer

David Sean Rawley, Horticulture Technology

Caleb James Reimer, College Transfer

Norma Reyes-Olmedo, College Transfer

Gry Karen Rick, Cosmetology

Michaela Cheyenne Robbins, College Transfer

Jacob Lee Robinson, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Jeremy Kyle Robinson, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Quinton William Robinson, Business Administration

Kerry Livengood Rodman, Associate Degree Nursing

Alma Rodriguez, Accounting

Brenda Magaly Rodriguez, Community Spanish Interpreter

Veronica Rodriguez Alvarez, Basic Accounting–Bookkeeping I

Sonia Rodriguez Ibarra, College Transfer

Amanda Rae Rogers, Associate Degree Nursing

Joseph Edward Rollins, Welding Technology

Mark Phillip Rubianes, College Transfer

Tylisha L. Rutherford, Esthetics Technology

Jasen Armond Sanchez, College Transfer

Gerardo Santos, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology

Kayla Lynn Schlichting, College Transfer

Cielo Evangeline Serrano, College Transfer

Kirby William Shipman, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Logan Ryan Shook, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology–Diesel Performance

Hayden Coy Sitton, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Breanne Nicole Smith, Esthetics Technology

Jaimee Opalie Snelson, Associate Degree Nursing

Emma Mae Spahr, College Transfer

Donavin A. Steidel, Fire Protection Technology

Rachel Christine Steward-Pal, Emergency Medical Science

Jackson Lorenzo Strickland, Simulation and Game Development–Character Design

Rosa Martha Taizan-Morales, College Transfer

Mindy Brooke Roberts Tavel, Associate Degree Nursing

Davy Thiv, College Transfer

Gage R. Thompson, Computer-Integrated Machining–Machinist Entry

Cody Aaron Thompson-Muller, Alternative Transportation Technology–Alternative Fuels

Vincent Ross Troxell, College Transfer

Amy Carolina Uriostegui, College Transfer

Gabriel Vera, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Donald Andrew Walter, College Transfer

Steven James Warren, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Luke A. Washburn, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level I

Quentin Dakota Westall, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Gideon Lee Worrell, Accounting

Hannah Leah Worrell, College Transfer

Alexander George Yarborough, College Transfer

Megan Aleen Young, College Transfer

Justin Paul Youngblood, Automotive Systems Technology–Auto MAST Level II

Sandra Zepeda Gomez, College Transfer



Ashley Brooke Metcalf, Esthetics Technology



Ashley Nicole-Walker Ashley, Computer Information Technology

Caitlyn Ann Barnwell, Associate Degree Nursing

Sarah Megan Cash, College Transfer

Krystal Lynn Fahey, Esthetics Technology

William Felix Jones, III, Associate Degree Nursing

Kathleen T. Lynch, Associate Degree Nursing

Kaitlin P. McInerney, Cosmetology

Virginia Claire Plyler, Emergency Medical Science

Ashley Nicole Prince, Associate Degree Nursing

Kathryn Cecile Smith, College Transfer

Jeremiah Lee Sta.Maria, Associate Degree Nursing

Samantha Taylor, Emergency Medical Science

Christopher Hampton Wolff, College Transfer



John Burton Darrow, Simulation and Game Development



Cassandra Dawn All, Associate Degree Nursing

Creid Richmond Ayers, College Transfer

Baylee Nicole Bagwell, Associate Degree Nursing

Michael Paul Banning, College Transfer

Anna Brooklyn Baxley, Cosmetology

April Southern Bowman, Office Administration–Medical Office

Victoria Simmons Brissey, Welding Technology

Rodney Wayne Chandler, College Transfer

Brittney Alisha Corn, College Transfer

Anastasia Dill, Early Childhood Education

Samantha Lynn Dill, Emergency Medical Science

Jeanette K. Fisher, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Samuel T. Frady, Associate Degree Nursing

Francesca Hatsumi Mae Gaza, Art

Sofia M. Gonzalez, College Transfer

Christina Ann Green, Criminal Justice Technology

Sara Galloway Holbrook, Cosmetology

Ashley Nicole Martin, Cosmetology

Natasha Kay McCall, General Occupational Technology

Cameron Taylor McCathern, College Transfer

Michael Neal Mitchell, College Transfer

Thomas Calvin Moman, College Transfer

Samuel Chas Moore, College Transfer

Brandy Joyce O'Shields, Cosmetology

Porshlyn Leann Jewel Owen, College Transfer

Anthony George Peetris, Welding Technology–Industrial Plate Welding

Jesse Michael Perry, Associate in General Education

Kristen Michaela Powell, College Transfer

Lyndsay Sheppard Queen, Associate Degree Nursing

Carmen Nicole Santamaria, Associate Degree Nursing

Danny Ray Satterfield, Criminal Justice Technology

Robin Michelle Sharpe, Cosmetology

Ashley Diane Smathers, Cosmetology

Nicholas McKenna Snipes, College Transfer

Teresa Kathleen Suddeth, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Brittani Raine Summey, Cosmetology



Derek Alexander Campano, College Transfer


State of New York

Amanda Brittany Faulk, Early Childhood Education–Infant and Toddler