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College Transfer FAQs


How do I become a College Transfer student?

You can download the admissions application and mail it in or you can apply onlineYou can also come into Student Services and an admissions counselor will help you. 

Is it true I can transfer as a junior to a four-year institution if I graduate with an A.A. or A.S. degree?

Students who meet all other admissions requirements for North Carolina public universities (and a number of private colleges and universities) fall under the North Carolina Articulation Agreement for Community College Students. Students who have completed their Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degrees and meet the requirements for admission into their program will enroll as juniors. 


Do I have to finish my associate degree before I can transfer?

Although we do recommend that College Transfer students complete their degree, students are not required to complete the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree before they can transfer. Completing the A.A. or A.S degree, with a grade of C or better in each course, satisfies general education requirements at senior institutions in the UNC system. Many BRCC graduates have found greater success than their fellow students who didn't finish when they transfer to four-year institutions, including achieving a higher GPA.


What if I want to take courses that are not part of the plan of study?

Students are welcomed to enroll in courses other than those listed on the plan of study. These courses, however, may not transfer to other institutions and may not count toward the number of credit hours required to complete the associate's degree at BRCC. Also, if a student is receiving Federal Financial Aid, these other courses may not qualify for federal student aid. Students should consult their counselor, their advisor, or the Financial Aid office.


Is there financial aid available for College Transfer program students?

The College Transfer degree programs are among those which are eligible for aid.


Financial Aid Information


Can I get transfer credit for classes I have taken at other colleges or community colleges?

Students should have official transcripts from other colleges or community colleges they have attended sent to the BRCC. They will be evaluated at BRCC for any applicable transfer credit. See the Transfer to Blue Ridge page for information.


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