Blue Ridge Community College Success Coaches on campus surrounded by balloons

Success Coaches: A Strategy for Student Success

In Summer 2020, Blue Ridge Community College added hiring two Success Coaches to its strategies to give students an additional person on their team of support services. Paying close attention to lessons learned at other colleges across the state, Blue Ridge was confident this could make a marked difference in not only keeping students in class, but also making sure underserved student populations stay in school.

The College is using Aviso Retention, a predictive analytics tool and case management software, to monitor in real-time student grades, attendance, and other important information provided to help students when they need it most.

Funded by Dogwood Health Trust, Blue Ridge’s Success Coaches serve as mentors and work with students throughout their time at Blue Ridge. They learn about the students’ experiences at Blue Ridge, identify obstacles that may be barriers to their academic success, and help strategize solutions and next steps.

Some of the topics that Blue Ridge Success Coaches help with include:

  • Study Strategies: how to effectively study, take notes, and keep organized
  • Time Management: how to balance work, school, and other responsibilities
  • Self-Awareness: helping students identify their strengths, purpose, and goals
  • Campus Engagement and Resources: identifying opportunities and resources on campus and helping students make those connections