Blue Ridge Community College celebrates the largest graduating class in this College's history on May 14, 2022.

Blue Ridge Community College Celebrates the Class of 2022

In honor of the largest graduating class in the history of the College, Blue Ridge Community College hosted two in-person graduation commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 14. This Spring, 299 graduates earned 321 credentials, including 218 degrees, 97 certificates, and six diplomas.

During her opening remarks to the graduates, Blue Ridge President Dr. Laura B. Leatherwood lauded them for persevering to reach the milestone day.

Blue Ridge graduates celebrate at their May 14, 2022, commencement ceremony.

Blue Ridge graduates celebrate at their May 14, 2022, commencement ceremony.

“You’ve gained the tools and the know-how to make things happen,” she said. “You’ve shown the determination to achieve. Now, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. You did the hard work, and now you will have the credentials to prove it.”

Commencement speaker and Blue Ridge Trustee Jim Rasmussen concluded his address with a challenge to practice gratitude.

“A thankful mindset helps us have a more positive impact on others. A thankful mindset helps us see a brighter future. A thankful mindset helps us reach for that brighter future,” he said.

During the ceremonies, two individual graduates were honored for earning prestigious academic awards. Grant Billingsley was honored for his selection as Blue Ridge Community College’s Academic Excellence Award winner, and Paralee Cox was recognized for earning the North Carolina Community College System’s Dallas Herring Achievement Award.

Dr. Leatherwood also expressed pride in those who worked to instruct and support the graduates along their journeys.

“This is a proud moment,” she said to the graduates, “and not just for you, but for your friends, your family, your scholarship donors, and your instructors. They invested in you, believed in you, hoped for you, and cheered for you.”

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The list of student graduates included:

Buncombe County

  • Gregory Banks, Nursing
  • Ellie Burris, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Kristy Darkes, Interpreter Education
  • Jessica Garcia-Lopez, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Rhiannon Hanners, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Emilee Harper, Teacher Preparation
  • Sydney Interlicchia, Emergency Medical Science
  • Ryan Kay, Horticulture Technology
  • Russell Knox, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Frank Lambert, Fire Protection Technology
  • Kamya Latson, Esthetics Technology
  • Brianna Lloyd, Esthetics Technology
  • Darion Lovette, Welding Technology
  • Lauryn McDaris, Human Services Technology
  • Sara Mitchell, Interpreter Education
  • Justin Morgan, Fire Protection Technology
  • Jasmine Muckelvene, Esthetics Technology
  • Brenna Paxton, Interpreter Education
  • Skye Ray, Visual Arts
  • Isaac Renegar, Automotive Systems Technology
  • Jared Russell, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development
  • Aimee Schott, Nursing
  • Virginia Todd, Business Administration-Basic
  • Carlos Torres, Business Administration, Business Administration-Leadership Studies

Catawba County

  • Sarah Armstrong, Esthetics Technology

Clay County

  • Miranda Trapp, Office Administration

Cleveland County

  • Brianna Plummer, Associate Degree Nursing

Cumberland County

  • Klijah Mitchell, Interpreter Education

Haywood County

  • Anna Cleaveland, Esthetics Technology
  • Zachary Ohs, General Occupational Technology-Pre-Paramedic

Henderson County

  • Michael Absher, Business Administration-Public Administration
  • Norman Allen, II, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Sydney Allison, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Payton Allman, Early Childhood Education-Preschool
  • Lisbet Alvarez, College Transfer
  • Michelle Anderson, Teacher Preparation
  • Nelly Arzate-Garcia, Business Administration-Graphic Design
  • Moira Asheland, Accounting & Finance
  • Jolie Bakken, College Transfer
  • Heather Barker, Visual Arts
  • William Barnwell, College Transfer
  • Brennan Bastian, College Transfer
  • Isaac Bayne, Fire Protection Technology
  • Caroline Bellamy, Esthetics Technology
  • Grant Billingsley, College Transfer
  • Matthew Blevins, College Transfer
  • Araceli Bradford, Manicuring & Nail Technology
  • Carin Bradley, Business Administration-Graphic Design
  • Christopher Bradley, Welding Technology
  • Tiffany Bradley, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Christopher Branche, Automotive Systems Technology
  • Hannah Brennan, College Transfer
  • Davis Brinson, Welding Technology
  • James Burgess, Horticulture Technology-Landscape
  • Cameron Burrell, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Lyle Cadorette, Information Technology-Network Management
  • Desire Campbell, Esthetics Technology
  • Jayden Carter, College Transfer
  • Jeremy Carter, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL
  • Carl Caudle, Jr., Brewing, Distillation, & Fermentation
  • Evelin Chimalpopoca Mancilla, College Transfer
  • Nicole Cid-Hernandez, College Transfer
  • Kevin Colin-Solano, Theatre
  • Marissa Connelly, Film & Video Production Technology
  • Paralee Cox, Surgical Technology
  • Savannah Crist, Cosmetology
  • Jacob Dagenhardt, College Transfer
  • Matana Dalton, Business Administration, Business Administration-Leadership Studies
  • Michael Dalton, College Transfer
  • Shanterria Davis, Esthetics Technology, Manicuring & Nail Technology
  • Mikenna DiChistofaro, College Transfer, Early Childhood Education-Preschool
  • Breanna Dobbins, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Amber Dobbs, College Transfer
  • Glenn Dudas, Automotive Systems Technology
  • Madalynn Elliott, College Transfer
  • Hunter Elms, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Candace Fowler, Nursing
  • Lori Franklin, Accounting & Finance-Payroll
  • Vincent Franklin, College Transfer
  • Chelsea Fritog, Human Services Technology
  • Glenda Galsim, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Greta Gessler, College Transfer
  • Sara Gibbens, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Thomas Gilmore, Human Services Technology, College Transfer, Human Services Technology
  • Sandy Gonzalez-Villanueva, College Transfer
  • Emily Guevara, Business Administration-Basic
  • Jason Gunn, Fire Protection Technology
  • Aidan Hackett, College Transfer
  • Morgan Hart, Teacher Preparation
  • Kimberly Hembree, Accounting & Finance
  • Jeremiah Higginbotham, College Transfer
  • Alexandra Hradilova, College Transfer
  • Justin Huggins, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Michelle Huggins, Accounting & Finance
  • Caren Hutchinson, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL
  • Sergio Islas, Office Administration
  • Danielle Jeffery, College Transfer
  • Chloe Johnson, Cosmetology
  • William Johnson, Welding Technology-Basic Welding
  • Matthew Jones, Film & Video Production Technology
  • Ian Kantner, College Transfer
  • Joshua Karpee, Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Rachel Karst, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Anthony Kross, College Transfer
  • Ryan Lagadi, Information Technology-Support & Services, Accounting & Finance-Bookkeeping I
  • Jacob Lamar, Computer-Integrated Machining
  • Nohely Lara Villa, College Transfer, Business Administration-Basic
  • Dharma Larto, College Transfer
  • Kimberley Laughter, College Transfer
  • Emma Ledbetter, College Transfer
  • Josue Ledezma-Martinez, College Transfer, Business Administration-Basic
  • Jessica Lemieux, Business Administration-Banking & Finance
  • Isabella Lepore, Esthetics Technology
  • Jonathan Little, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Brianna Lopez, Early Childhood Education-Preschool
  • Giselle Lopez, Cosmetology
  • Natalie Lopez-Luis, College Transfer
  • Kevin Maldonado Velazquez, College Transfer
  • Dawn Maniscalo, Accounting & Finance-Bookkeeping I
  • Dominique Marzan, Esthetics Technology
  • Gloria Mata, College Transfer
  • Jonathan McCarty, Accounting, Accounting & Finance-Bookkeeping II, Accounting & Finance-Payroll
  • Hailey McCrain, College Transfer
  • Shannon McDermott, College Transfer
  • Heather McDugald, Esthetics Technology
  • Hannah McIntyre, College Transfer
  • Stephanie McKinney, Esthetics Technology
  • Molly McMinn, College Transfer
  • Wanda McMinn, Accounting & Finance
  • Natalie Mendoza, Esthetics Technology
  • Emily Messer, Surgical Technology
  • Kaitlyn Mizer, Early Childhood Education
  • Daisy Moffitt, College Transfer
  • Soemy Morales-Miranda, Manicuring & Nail Technology
  • Aiden Nelsen, College Transfer
  • Ella Neve, College Transfer
  • Cristina Nieto-Lopez, Early Childhood Education
  • Dustin Norris, College Transfer
  • Sofia Olguin, College Transfer
  • Vanessa Orihuela-Rico, College Transfer
  • Aliz Ortiz-Lopez, College Transfer
  • Nicholas Oursler, College Transfer
  • Galadriel Patrick, College Transfer
  • Taylor Peace, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Makayla Phillips, College Transfer, Accounting & Finance-Core
  • Austin Pierce, Computer-Integrated Machining
  • Gray Pinkston, College Transfer
  • Joseph Pittman, Welding Technology
  • Seneca Price, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Amber Pridmore , College Transfer
  • Elizabeth Prince, Human Services Technology
  • Hannah Queen, College Transfer
  • Angel Ramirez, College Transfer
  • Jordan Rector , College Transfer
  • Citlali Resendiz Trejo, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Kolby Rice, College Transfer
  • Candice Rogers, Office Administration
  • Richard Rorvig, Associate in General Education
  • Sidney Rowland, College Transfer
  • Quinekwa Rudisill, Esthetics Technology
  • Erin Rummel, Business Administration
  • Ashley Saltz, Teacher Preparation
  • Jasmine Santana, College Transfer
  • Jessica Saunier, Esthetics Technology
  • Syd Shawver, Welding Technology
  • William Shepherd, Jr., Pharmacy
  • Noah Shumway, College Transfer
  • Benjamin Sitton, Automotive Systems Technology
  • Jared Sitton, College Transfer
  • Jillian Smith, College Transfer
  • Jennifer Soto-Landaverde, College Transfer
  • Gabrielle Spearman, College Transfer
  • Emily Stafford, Office Administration-Medical Office
  • Katheryn Stowe, College Transfer
  • Jennifer Szad, Business Administration-Graphic Design
  • Jay Taylor, Welding Technology-Multiple Plate Welding
  • Samantha Taylor, College Transfer
  • Marianna Tinoco, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Cielo Vera, Film & Video Production Technology
  • Madylin Vess, College Transfer, Nursing
  • Brittany Waldroup, Accounting & Finance-Bookkeeping I
  • Jansen Walker, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Elizabeth Wall, Business Administration-Graphic Design
  • April Ward, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Alex Watson, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Theodore Whitsett, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Kassidi Wilkie, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Jordan Williams, Welding Technology
  • Matthew Williams, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing
  • Luke Wilson, College Transfer
  • Heath Wines, College Transfer
  • Kami Yates, College Transfer
  • Dakota Youngblood, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  • Justin Youngblood, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
  • Samantha Zaldaña, Early Childhood Education-Teacher Preparation
  • Jennifer Zaragoza-Solano, College Transfer

Hoke County

  • Amy Figgs, Office Administration
  • Bianca Harold, Interpreter Education

Jackson County

  • Faith Potts, Interpreter Education


  • Aimee Murdock, Interpreter Education-Fundamentals of ASL

Polk County

  • Paula Aguilera-Johnson, Business Administration
  • Audrey Aveline, Esthetics Technology
  • Daniel Barrett, Information Technology-Network Management
  • Brittany Britton, College Transfer
  • Bethany Bruce, Early Childhood Education-Career Entry
  • Ashley Bryant, Early Childhood Education-Preschool
  • Tequilla Cribb, Esthetics Technology
  • Lacey Hannah, Manicuring & Nail Technology
  • Akaisha Hayes, Business Administration
  • Bethany Koniarczyk, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Michael McEntee, Criminal Justice Technology
  • John Overton, Film & Video Production Technology
  • Eric VanAntwerp, College Transfer
  • Shelby Wells, Associate Degree Nursing

Rutherford County

  • Lora Bailey, Office Administration-Office Specialist
  • Anastasia Brownfield, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Jordan Chapman, Criminal Justice Technology

Transylvania County

  • Jenna Aiken, College Transfer
  • Biancamaria Arredondo-Walsh, Office Administration
  • Jennifer Boldin, Information Technology-Data Management
  • Vicki Brogden, Office Administration-Medical Office
  • Lucas Brooks, Information Technology-Support & Services
  • Talyn Clark, College Transfer
  • Derek Clement, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Cole Combs, Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Milling Operator, Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Turning Operator
  • Claire Dysart, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Matthew English, Computer-Integrated Machining
  • Natalie Fletcher, Visual Arts
  • Justine Folston, Automotive Systems Technology-Chassis Technician, Automotive Systems Technology-Driveline Performance, Automotive Systems Technology-Electrical/Electronic Technician, Automotive Systems Technology-Engine Performance, Automotive Systems Technology-Mobile Equipment Technician
  • Heather Goede, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development
  • James Gravely, Information Technology-Network Management
  • Richard Grissom, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Joshua Hoxit, Horticulture Technology
  • Karie Jones, Nursing
  • Miles Loomis , Welding Technology-Basic Welding
  • Makenna Mann, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Garrett Norris, Welding Technology
  • Madison Riffe, Associate Degree Nursing
  • Vanessa Roberts, Accounting & Finance-Payroll
  • Victor Sims, Computer-Integrated Machining-Machinist Entry
  • Cindy Suarez-Alarcon, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Baxter Swicegood, College Transfer
  • Sydney Tomlin, College Transfer
  • Abby Warren, College Transfer
  • Langston Wilkes, Horticulture Technology

Wake County

  • Christopher Clark, College Transfer

Watauga County

  • Rhiannon Shuman, College Transfer

Yancey County

  • Emma Benfield, College Transfer