#BlueRidgeGrad: Amanda Buchanan

#BlueRidgeGrad: Amanda Buchanan

By Emily Gill, Marketing & Communications Dept.

Ever since she was a child, Amanda Buchanan considered a career in healthcare. Life eventually led to a career in law enforcement and then as a teacher’s assistant.

Reassessing her path, Buchanan decided to return to her original plan: to pursue a career in healthcare. She methodically researched areas that interested her like paramedic services, emergency medical technician, and nursing, but none quite suited her. 

Then she learned about the surgical technology program at Blue Ridge Community College.

“I really enjoy the variety and different specialties involved in the surg tech program,” Buchanan said. “It’s very hands-on and involved.”

“People recognize it mostly as passing instruments to the doctor or surgeon, but it’s a lot more than that. To do your job well, surgical technicians have to be well-versed in all procedures, outcomes, anatomy and more,” she added.

After graduation, Buchanan hopes to begin working in trauma care for a large hospital. 

She encouraged anyone considering returning to school to think hard about their passions.

“School, particularly school for healthcare, can be intense. You have to care about your area of study a lot to have the grit to reach your goal,” Buchanan said. “It can be difficult, but work hard, and don’t give up.”

Learn more about surgical technology on the Blue Ridge website at www.blueridge.edu/surgical-technology.