Endowments may be established with a minimum gift of $25,000 payable in one lump sum or over a period of three years. After an endowed fund has been established, anyone can make additional contributions in any amount to the fund.

Unrestricted Endowments provide the financial stability and broad flexibility for addressing immediate priorities and new initiatives at the College.

Joseph Oscar Bell, Jr., and Mary Kellogg Bell
Pauline Wintsch Gottier
Dr. Laura B. Leatherwood and Ron Leatherwood
John C. McCormick, Jr.

Program Enrichment Endowments support or enrich programs and services provided by the College. These endowments may support lecture series, symposia, arts, the Library, or unrestricted funds within a program.

Dr. Gamil T. Arida (Arida Arts Symposium)
James S. and Wilma M. Black (equipment, facilities, and supplies)
Building Foundations for Student Academic Success (intervention to address reading, math, and English deficiencies)
Cosgrove Family Library
August E. Kehr and Mary Louise Kehr Lecture Series (horticulture and environmental science)
Dr. and Mrs. L. B. McDonald Nursing Program
James Lee Morton Memorial for the Fine Arts
Elizabeth F. Nelson Nursing Program

Faculty and Staff Support Endowments create faculty chairs, support professional development funding, and award excellence.

Cosgrove Family Faculty Development
Dr. Eliza B. Graue Extra Mile Award
Dr. and Mrs. William D. Killian Outstanding Teacher Award
Charles J. and Eleanora W. Meloun Faculty Development
Dr. Molly A. Parkhill Staff Person of the Year Award
Pay It Forward Endowed Chair (teaching chair)
Dr. David W. Sink Jr. Community Service Award
John Brooks Williams Endowed Chair (teaching chair)

Work-Study Endowments offer Blue Ridge students work opportunities at the College while pursuing their education.
BRCC Work-Study
Amy Duryee Courtenay Memorial Work-Study
George Coventry Roughgarden Student Work-Study Fund


Scholarship Endowments
provide financial assistance for students at Blue Ridge Community College based on need, merit, and/or within a specific field of study.

AAUW Brevard
AAUW Hendersonville
Kathryn Merrell Sinclair Ashpole
Arthur Lockwood Beneventi Memorial
George H. and Lillian R. Berger Fine Arts
Blair-Santiago Family
L. Campbell Boyd
BRCC Unrestricted
James E. and Jo Ann Layne Brittain
Jenny Bee Brittain
Ruth H. Crane
Davis, Dills, and Green Family
Emma Fanny Dietrich Memorial
Distinguished Tradesman
Katharine Allen Dutcher Memorial
EHHS Class of 1977 Memorial
Don and Diane Emon
Alan Walter Enloe Memorial
John W. Ewbank Memorial
Anne Lacy Roper Gasteiger
The Gerber Foundation
Dr. Harvey J. Goehring, Jr., Memorial
Karon Goldsmith
Barbara J. Gregory
John and Nora A. Gregory Nursing
Betty and Emil Hager
Emil F. Hager
Harris Family
Hendersonville ABC Board
Hendersonville Board of Realtors
Hendersonville Four Seasons Rotary Club Memorial
Hendersonville Lions Vision and Hearing
Anna K. Hosmer Memorial
Betty Joy Jones Memorial
Dr. William D. Killian Leadership
Barbara N. Koch
Gene Kopf
Johnnie Landrum Memorial
Beulah Coulter Layne and Arvel Layne
Melody Lindsey Phi Theta Kappa
Lockwood Healthcare
Alice A. Lovin Endowed Nursing
James E. Lynch
Mayflora C. Major
Robert S. Manners Memorial
Thomas L. Marshall Memorial
Matteson Family
Ann McFadden
McGrady Family Environmental Science
George and Anne McGregor Allied Health
George and Anne McGregor
George McGregor Allied Health
Carol McKenzie-Wilson
Ray and Judith McKenzie-Wilson

Means Sisters
Joseph H. and Barbara T. Meliski
Charles J. and Eleanora W. Meloun
Charles J. and Eleanora W. Meloun GED and Adult High School
Ellen Sinclair Merrell
James Henry Merrell
Philip R. Milroy Memorial
Miracle Whip
Albert M. Moreno, Sr.
Elizabeth F. Nelson Nursing
Violet D. Nemky Nursing
Normac, Inc.
O’Cain Design Group
Kevin and Molly Parkhill
Howard H. Peckham
George W. Phillips Music
Randa and Emily Pinkston
Prim/Justus Endowed Nursing
Peggy Roper Ray Memorial
Susan Bacon Renson Memorial
Calvin and Louise Ritterson
Annie Lacy Roper Memorial
Edgar Newton Roper Memorial
Elizabeth Ann Roper Memorial
Hubert Jerome Roper Memorial
Justin and Eula Mae Roper Memorial
Laurence Lacy and Lucy Roper, Sr., Memorial
William and Martha Anderson Roper Memorial
Dorothy Uhl Sawyer Memorial
Alexander F. and Laurinda C. Schenck
Clarence and Frances Schneider
Semashko/Rotary Memorial
Andy Sink Memorial
David W. Sink Sr. and Frances Yow Sink
Corum S. Smith, Jr., and Anne C. Smith
Frank and Hazel Smith
Joe D. and Mary E. Spearman
Joe D. and Sylvia P. Spearman
Jo Ellis Roper Taylor Memorial
R. P. “Bo” Thomas Memorial
Julie Thompson Pay It Forward in Honor of Edna and Norman Guice
Todd Thompson Memorial
Rose A. Vollmar
Deidre Waters Memorial
Hans and Liselotte R. Wehrheim
Anni Wilinski Horticulture
Carrie Roper Williamson Memorial
Robert and Lois Winter
Dr. Eugene M. Wittman Language and Cultural Immersion
World of Clothing Nursing
Ulysses Wynn
George C. Yehling, Jr., Memorial
A Legacy of Compassion Kathy Young

Scholarship Funds (non-endowed)

An annual scholarship may be established with a gift of $1,000 or more.

AARP Chapter 8
AAUW Brevard
AAUW Hendersonville
Jay Alley FEMS
José Antonio Amaya Memorial
Apple Country Antique Engine and Tractor Club, Inc.
Asheville E-Z Gardeners
Russell Ault, Jr., Memorial
Judy M. Babb and Scott P. Hertel
Abbie Barber
Dan and Nancy Barber Determination
Ned H. Barnett Machinist
Gretchen Batra
Benevolent, Patriotic Order of Does #258
Blue Ridge Literacy/Education
Bolton Construction and Service of WNC
BRCC Educational Foundation General
BRCC Workforce Development
Albert S. Browning, Jr.
Carolina High Country Section 1103 of the American Society for Quality Education
City of Hendersonville
Connestee Falls Student
Continuing Education
Cliff and Betty Dickinson
Bob and Louise Dunlap Memorial Nursing
Elgin Veterans
English Family Excellence in Automotive Systems Technology
Ruby J. Feagan Memorial
J. Daniel Furr Memorial
Garden Clubs of Transylvania County
GED Graduates
Gene Gladin Memorial
Dr. Stuart Glassman for Surgical Technology
Richard and Janet Grey Machinist
Henderson County Master Gardener Volunteer
Henderson County Mechanical and Electrical
Henderson County Retired School Personnel
Hendersonville High School Class of 1948
Deputy Ryan Hendrix Scholarship
Impact Fund

Patsy Farmer Jones
Jessie M. Kerth for Nursing
Land O’Sky Candy R. Priest
Martha Sue Lanning Nursing Scholarship
Lewis and Kathleen Lees
R. Hugh Lockaby Memorial
The Herman and Shirley Lukoff
John Christopher “Chris” McGee Memorial
Carol McKenzie-Wilson Continuation
Herbert C. and Katherine T. Merrell
Georgene S. Miller Memorial Scholarship​
Mills River
National Technical Honor Society
Helga Nielsen
Sarah Nodurft Memorial
Opening Doors for Women
Margaret R. Pardee Hospital Auxiliary (Continuing Education)
Margaret R. Pardee Hospital Auxiliary (Curriculum)
Paul M and Betty T Parsons Memorial
PEO Chapter O
PFLAG Jim Faucett Equality
Pisgah Forest Rotary Club
Joseph D. Poli Memorial
Tim and Patricia Powers
Kathleen Revel, M.D., Nursing
Fred and Katharine Roper Memorial
Carl and Jean Schoendorfer
Milford Shaver of the Men’s Garden Club of Asheville
John P. and Mary Ann Shepherd Memorial
Stand T.A.L.L. – Thank a Local Lawman
Bruce Talley Memorial
Valley Hill Fire and Rescue Robbie Cramer
Aart and Cora Van Wingerden Horticulture Technology
Veterans and Families
Edward C. Wesch
Womansong New Start Scholarship
Duane Young Memorial Scholarship