Blue Ridge Community College Campus Patton Building

Mission, Vision and Values


Our Mission

Blue Ridge Community College empowers individuals with knowledge and skills to enrich our communities and build a competitive workforce.


Our Vision

BRCC will continue to provide programs of excellence in academics and training that foster economic vitality in our community.

Our College will lead by example with our partners in business, industry, and education to improve the quality of life for the people we serve by:

  • promoting instructional excellence in all program areas
  • serving the lifelong learning needs for all citizens
  • expanding and enhancing programs to meet the evolving needs of our community
  • working closely with business and industry to train a competent workforce
  • strengthening partnerships to advance the mission of the College
  • enhancing customer service to all who come our way
  • increasing the retention and success of our students
  • increasing community awareness of the programs of the College
  • infusing appropriate technologies for problem solving and enhanced program delivery
  • developing a multi-culturally competent citizenry
  • developing responsive and effective education programs


Our Values

We value excellence in teaching, training, and student-centered learning.

We open our doors to all who seek knowledge and a better life through academic growth and development.  

We value the diversity of all people and will make our programs accessible to all learners regardless of disabilities or physical challenges.  

We believe that our faculty, staff, and administration should conduct themselves with the highest integrity in the classroom and beyond. 

We will be candid and supportive with our students in the assessment of their skills and their progress on the journey toward knowledge.

We will be responsive to the changing needs of our community by providing targeted programming that improves the skills, knowledge, and economic progress of our workforce.

We will be the champions of innovation, ever vigilant for opportunities to improve the delivery and quality of instruction through changes in technology and
educational research.

As a public educational institution, our faculty and staff are accountable to the people we serve to deliver the best programs possible to enrich the lives of those within our reach. Our students are accountable to their instructors to strive for improvement and demonstrate the mastery of identified, measurable educational objectives in every class attended.

These are the values of Blue Ridge Community College that guide our behavior and frame our dreams. As your community college, we pledge to demonstrate these values in all that we do and say as we work in partnership to make our community a better place in which to live and work.


Mission Statement approved by the Board of Trustees March 13, 2000; Revised September 9, 2013
Vision Statement and Values Statements approved by the Board of Trustees March 14, 2007