Search WebAdvisor Tutorial

Search for Courses (Schedules) in WebAdvisor without logging in:

  • To search for courses that are offered at BRCC, first access WebAdvisor located at:
  • Once you are in WebAdvisor, select the Students Menu without logging in.
  • Once you click on the WebAdvisor button and then select the Students Menu, you will be taken to the following screen.
  • Click the Search for Sections link in the Registration area.


WA Search Sections


  • On the Search for Sections screen,  select your search options, beginning with Term
  • Click the down arrow for the drop-down menu box next to Term at the top left of the screen and select the appropriate term and year.
  • Continuing Education is directly specified.
  • No specification (just the term and year) will display curriculum courses.


WA Search Term


Distance Learning courses are designated by their Section number. 

  • 201-208 - Internet only courses.
  • 301-331 - Hybrid: a blend of class time on campus and Internet. 
  • 101-531 - Interactive TV (ITV) courses.

You may search for courses by subject or multiple subjects.

  • Click the down arrow for one of the drop-down menu fields under Subjects.
  • From the drop-down menu, scroll down to the subject that you are looking for and select it.
  • You may select more than one subject area in the fields below your first selection.


WA Search Subject


  • The search above was for curriculum courses, Summer 2009 semester, Academic related, and for Criminal Justice.
  • Click SUBMIT to see the results.


WA Search Results


  • When you click the SUBMIT button after making your selections, you will be presented with a screen that has all the courses in that subject area(s) offered for the selected term.
  • If no courses are shown, then there are no courses for that subject for the selected term.
  • Clicking on the course section name and title will display the course description and other information about the selected course.
  • Clicking OK at the bottom of the screen will return you to the Students Menu page.

The results above show two sections of ACA 115-201S and 202, but no online Criminal Justice courses. Under the heading "Meeting Information" do not be concerned with the "Times to be Announced" if it also says "Internet-Based Course". Unless there are required proctored exams, the course will NOT have meeting times.

Also, note the "Availability/Capacity" column. The ACA 115-201S course will be FULL when 21 students register and now only has 3 seats available. The 202 section can also have 21 students, but only has 1 seat remaining. Even if you think the course is full, be sure to check these figures during the first days of Registration as the numbers may change during "Drop-Add", and you still may be able to get into the course.