Summer Camps

Summer Camps with welding, computer game, acting, film & video, entrepreneur and engineering icons

Summer Camps at Blue Ridge Community College
for Middle and High School Students

Blue Ridge offers affordable, quality, fun learning opportunities for middle and high school students. Our camps provide opportunities for learning, engagement, and discovery. Students can explore their interests, develop new skills, and consider their options for the future. Registration for 2019 is now closed



welding mask iconArcStrong
Design. Fabricate. Weld.

A one-day introduction to the world of welding
For rising 9-12 graders

Students will receive an introduction to the world of welding with an emphasis on gas metal arc welding (MIG) and plasma cutting. This camp is all about learning a new skill safely, while at the same time having fun. Students will be shown how to safely turn molten metal into some very cool projects and work on a project they can take home with them. Participants will receive a t-shirt as well. Now, let’s get to melting some metal!

Registration Fee:  $50

Choose one of four sessions.

Register for ArcStrong June 19  | Brevard High School

Register for ArcStrong June 25  |  Henderson County Campus

Register for ArcStrong June 27  |  Henderson County Campus


computer game on screen iconGame Creator
Create. Design. Play.

A four-day workshop for digital game creators
For rising 9-12 graders

Students will learn a generalized workflow in game creation and receive an introduction to Game Engines and how to design a game. During the camp, students will use pre-made art and programming assets to build the main character, develop the level, and finally play the game. By the end of the camp, the student will be able to take a fully playable game home with them.

Registration Fee: Free

Choose one of two sessions.

Register for Game Creator June 24-27  |  Henderson County Campus

Register Game Creator July 8-11  |  Henderson County Campus


filmstrip and video play button iconacting theatrical masks iconScreenX
See your ideas on the big screen!

A four-day filmmaking and acting camp
For rising 9-12 graders and 2019 graduates

Students choose between acting and film crew tracks and work together to make short movies. Over the course of the week, guest filmmakers and actors will mentor students on everything from film/theatre history to technology 101 to set etiquette. Students will have access to exclusive film screenings and Q&A sessions with film professionals. At the end of the week, family and friends can join in for a world premiere of these student films.

Registration Fee:  $50

Choose Acting Track or Production Track.

ScreenX Production Camp:
Register for ScreenX Production Camp June 17-20  |  Henderson County Campus

ScreenX Acting Camp:
Register for ScreenX Acting Camp June 17-20  |  Henderson County Campus


entrepreneur lightbulb and gears iconShark Tank
Explore. Learn. Present.

A four-day introduction to the world of entrepreneurship
For rising 9-12 graders

Students will explore what it takes to start a successful business in a fast-paced and fun atmosphere. Students will learn idea formation, decision making, business modeling, marketing, planning, and presentation skills. Participants will receive awards based on competitions.

Registration Fee:  $50
Register for Shark Tank June 17-20  |  Henderson County Campus


engineering tools iconYoung Engineers Experience (YEE)
Solve. Explore. Experience.

A four-day STEM camp introducing students to the world of engineering
For rising 7-9 graders

Students will be introduced to the exciting world of engineering! The YEE camp is full of hands-on lab experiments in electronics and AutoCAD as well as team design projects and competitions in robotics, bridge building, and even a ping-pong launch.

Registration Fee:  $50

Choose one of two sessions.
Register for YEE June 17-20  |  Henderson County Campus

Register for YEE June 24-27  |  Transylvania County Campus

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Summer Camps Information

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Register Early! Some camps have a maximum number of registrants.

Registration Deadline is June 3, 2019

Lunch icon - fork, knife, plateImportant: Boxed lunches and snacks are provided for all summer camps except Game Creator. Please bring a refillable water bottle with a lid.



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Contact Us

For more information about the Summer Camps:

Amy Allison

(828) 694-1712