Requirements for Canadian Applicants

  • Canadian citizens do not require visas to study in the United States.
  • If you plan to study at BRCC, you will need when entering the U.S. proof of Canadian citizenship, Form I-20 issued by BRCC, and evidence of means of support.
  • As with all non-immigrant visitors to the United States, Canadian students must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Department of Homeland Security inspector at the time of entry that their stay in the United States is not permanent in nature, and that they intend to return to a residence outside of the U.S. upon completion of their education.
  • The following items MUST be completed and received before a Form I-20 can be issued by BRCC.


Procedures for obtaining a Form I-20

1. The prospective student must complete the BRCC Admissions Application. You must download the application and mail it in. The student MUST apply for either the “Associate in Arts” Degree program or the “Associate in Science” Degree program. Blue Ridge is only approved through SEVIS for international students applying to these programs.

2. The student must submit a notarized Affidavit of Financial Support and the accompanying documentation stated on the form.

3. The student must provide complete, official academic records from secondary and post-secondary schools attended. Records must be translated into English and include courses taken, grades received, and degrees or certificates earned. Post-secondary school transcripts also be evaluated for U.S. Credit. Translations and evaluations must be performed by one of the NACES organizations.

4. Students must demonstrate competency in English by taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) through the Educational Testing Service and arrange to have the official scores sent to BRCC.

5. The student must complete Pre-Enrollment Placement Testing for Blue Ridge Community College. The student must complete either:

  • All four parts of the  A.C.T. ASSET tests for 2-year colleges

  • Four Accuplacer Tests (Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills)

  • Placement Testing at a local college. The student must have an official copy of the require test results sent to BRCC.

  • The SAT with a score of 530 or better on Mathematics and a score of 480 or better on Evidence Based Reading and Writing.

  • The ACT with a score of 21 on the ACT English and/or 20 on the ACT Math

6. Before Form I-20 is issued, an interview may be required.

7. The student must provide official documentation that the student has adequate health and hospitalization insurance coverage for the whole period of study.

8. The student will need to supply the Blue Ridge Designated School Official (DSO) with a valid local address. This must be the address where the student will be residing during the academic year and cannot be a temporary address or an address of a friend or colleague.


Restrictions for Canadian Students Studying at BRCC

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 semester hours as full-time, degree seeking students. Out-of-state tuition is charged. Blue Ridge has no dormitories or residence halls. All students are responsible for off-campus housing and their own transportation.