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Career & College Promise (CCP) is a state-wide program allowing eligible high school students to enroll in community college classes tuition-free.  Students are responsible for fees, supplies, and textbooks which vary by class. 

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How Do I Qualify for ...?

  How to Qualify for
College Transfer Pathways
  How to Qualify for
Career and Technical Education Pathways

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How Do I Apply for CCP?

  • Return the completed CCP Application and signed Parents Permission Form to your high school Guidance Office or to the Blue Ridge Advisor
  • Ask your high school Counselor or Home School Administrator to provide the following:
    • Transcript showing your current grade level and weighted GPA
    • Recommendation, if you are applying for a CTE pathway and your weighted GPA is below a 2.8
    • High school test scores from PSAT, SAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, NC DAP or the Blue Ridge placement test if required for your pathway
  • College Transfer Pathways require a 2.8 or higher GPA OR demonstrated College Readiness in English, reading, and mathematics. “College Ready” is determined by PSAT, SAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, NC DAP, test scores from high school or by Blue Ridge placement test scores.
  • The Blue Ridge Advisor will pick up your information from Guidance to enter on the Blue Ridge computer.
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 How Do I Register (Sign Up) for Blue Ridge Classes?
Please see:

 How to Register (Sign Up) for
College Transfer Pathways
 How to Register (Sign Up) for
Career and Technical Education Pathways

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How Do I Know If I Am Registered?

  • Build your WebAdvisor account using the instructions below. WebAdvisor allows you to view your Blue Ridge schedule, charges, final grades, transcripts, etc.
  • Check your mail. Students, who are registered in July or early August and owe fees, will receive a copy of their schedule and an invoice in the mail. Your Blue Ridge student ID number is printed on these documents. Students taking classes on the high school campus may not owe fees and will not receive a schedule in the mail. 

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How Do I Know When Classes Begin?

  • Check the dates printed on your schedule from Web Advisor. (Be sure to log in to online classes through Moodle on the first day of class.)

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How Do I Log in to WebAdvisor and Why?
WebAdvisor allows you to access personal information such as your schedule, charges, final grades, transcripts, financial aid if applicable, etc.  WebAdvisor also allows you to pay your fees if you are using a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  Credit card payments cannot be processed by phone.


How to Log-In to WebAdvisor - First-Time Users


  •  WebAdvisor logo WebAdvisor: access WebAdvisor by clicking the "WA" icon located in the top left corner of the homepage (beside Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

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How Do I Access Moodle and the Moodle Tutorial?
Most classes at Blue Ridge have a Moodle component, not just online classes.  Moodle serves as the “online learning environment at Blue Ridge.”

  • moodle logo  Moodle: access Moodle by clicking on the small “M” icon

Always log in to Moodle on the first day of class! 
Additional resources are on the Blue Ridge website in Distance Learning.

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How Do I Know What Books I Will Need?

  • Click on the box “College Bookstore Online" then "Shop Textbooks"
  • In the “Find Course Materials” section, choose the following from the 5 dropdown menus:

Select Campus = Main Campus or Transylvania Campus
Select Term = Spring 2017 HCC (Henderson County Campus) or Spring 2017 TCC (Transylvania County Campus)
Select Dept. = Course prefix from your schedule (PSY)
Select Course = Course number from your schedule (150)
Select Section = A 3-digit number following the course number indicating the day/time the course is taught (002)

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How Do I Get a Picture ID?
To use the Blue Ridge library or the Open Computer Lab, students must obtain a Blue Ridge picture ID card. Cards can be obtained from the BRCC College Bookstore for a small cost.

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How Do I Find Out About Tutoring?

The Student Success Centers (SSC) provides academic support and tutoring to BRCC students in curriculum and developmental courses through the use of one-on-one instruction, peer and instructor tutoring, computerized instruction, and workshops. A Student Success Center instructor is always available, during the Center's open hours, to provide assistance.  The Student Success Center is located between General Studies and the Arts and Sciences Building on the Henderson County Campus.

  • Check out Smarthinking, an online tutoring service for Blue Ridge students.

Go to Smarthinking at
For new students, enter your Webmail Address as your Username and your student ID number, plus another leading zero, as your password.

Username Example:  j_student123
Student ID Number = 0123456
Smarthinking password = 00123456

Password must be 8 digits long.

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How Do I Get to My Blue Ridge Classes?

  • Provide your own transportation to/from Blue Ridge if you are taking classes on the Blue Ridge Campus.  Classes on the Blue Ridge Campus are dismissed in sufficient time for you to get back to your base high school, but you do not have time to make stops along the way.
  • Drive to the Balfour Education Center for classes or ride the bus to/from Balfour. The bus runs 3 times daily from each base high school.

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How Do I Find Out About a Campus Emergency?

  • Receive text messages about campus delays, cancellations, or emergency messages.

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How Do I Contact the Blue Ridge Advisor?


Henderson County Campus


Rita Blythe
(828) 694-1817


Kirbey Farley
(828) 694-1655


Transylvania County Campus

Rob Rhodes
(828) 883-2520


Serving students in
Transylvania County Schools

Leanna Hall
(828) 243-3960



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