Surviving Violent Encounters

Maximize Your Physiological and Psychological Responses

16 hours (seated traditional class )


Class overview:

This 16-hour course for law enforcement officers is designed to help you prepare for and prevail  during violent encounters.  The class will not only deal with the latest research in the psychological and physiological impact of combat, but will explore the ancient traditions of survival and why these traditions are relevant today. Case studies with audio and video recordings will be used to illustrate principles.


Instructor Information:
Charles Holt, Laura Russell and William Hladky, are retired Miami-Dade Police Officers with more than 80 years of combined experience. They bring a rare perspective to the class. Each instructor has been involved in deadly force encounters with armed attackers. Additionally, Detective Russell was shot while attempting to arrest a subject and Detective Holt was stabbed while detaining a mentally disturbed subject. These and other experiences give the instructor’s unparalleled credibility.

Surviving Violent Encounters classes
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January 23-24, 2020



Henderson County Campus

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  • North Carolina Sworn Officers tuition exemption applies.
  • Out-of-state tuition and non-sworn is $70.00

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