Blue Ridge Announces Spring Semester Dean's List


BRCC News | Published May 21, 2019

The following students listed with program of study and county of residence were named to the Dean's List at Blue Ridge Community College for Spring Semester 2019.

To qualify for the Dean's List, students must be a full-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.


Buncombe County
Steven Beitler, Simulation and Game Development
Coleman Criss, Associate in Fine Arts/Visual Arts
Alyssa Duncan, Interpreter Education
Donalda Feith, Simulation and Game Development
Micah Kelly, Associate in Arts
Mark Kuznetsov, Computer-Integrated Machining; Associate in Engineering
Arabelle Magdamit, Simulation and Game Development
Laura Moore, Associate in Science
Glen Patterson, Simulation and Game Development
George Pitcher, Automotive Systems Technology
Tiffany Reece, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Alisha Rider, Interpreter Education
Morgan Schultz, Surgical Technology

Cleveland County
Sylvia Hyde, Interpreter Education

Haywood County
Adam Hoffman, Fire Protection Technology
Johnny Reece, Emergency Management

Henderson County
Sara Adcock, Associate in Arts
Veronica Alvarez Rodriguez, Cosmetology
Jordan Bastian, Associate in Engineering
Jason Baxley, Computer-Integrated Machining
Lilly Blankenship, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Yonathan Bonilla, Criminal Justice Technology
Brittney Breyare, Associate in Arts
Conner Brooks, Automotive Systems Technology
Jessica Calvillo Molina, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway; Associate in Arts
Luis Carrillo, Information Technology
Priscila Casas, Associate in Engineering
David Chapin, Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation
Catherine Clark, Associate in Science
Jessie Cobb, Associate in Arts
Timothy Coker, Associate in General Education
Dylan Combs, Associate in Arts
Ian Comeaux, Associate in Arts
Kyle Corbin, Welding Technology
Emily Crettol, Associate in Arts
Elizabeth Dolan, Associate in Science
Raequel Durham, Surgical Technology
Tracy Edwards, Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing Pathway
Evyonne Emory, Office Administration
Brian Garcia, Associate in Science
Emilee Garren, Associate in Arts
MacKenzie Garren, Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing Pathway
Ellen George, Associate in Fine Arts/Visual Arts
Ashlyn Gillespie, Cosmetology
Jeremiah Godfrey, Film and Video Production Technology
Priscilla Godfrey, Associate in Fine Arts/Visual Arts
Howard Green, Welding Technology
Nalleli Guido Moreno, Associate in Arts
Cara Hall, Associate Degree Nursing
Brandon Hardesty, Computer-Integrated Machining
Trenton Harris, Associate in Arts
Devon Head, Simulation and Game Development
Kennan Heatherly, Associate in Arts
Samuel Hendrix, Associate in General Education
Riley Hewitt, Associate in Science
Alyssa Hill, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Etoryah Hill-Smith, Cosmetology
Robert Howard, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Jessica Hoxit, Associate in Arts
Jacob Hudson, Emergency Medical Science
Katherine Huntley, Associate in General Education
Christine Johnson, Associate in Arts
Lilith Jones, Associate in Science
Caycee Justus, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Joshua Karpee, Mechanical Engineering Technology
Cristopher Keeler, Criminal Justice Technology
Connor Keith, Associate in Science
Matthew King, Computer-Integrated Machining
Nathan King, Associate in Science
Valeriy Konko, Welding Technology
Eliana Kotsias, Associate in Fine Arts/Visual Arts
Michael Laberge, Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing Pathway
Rachel Lepine, Associate in Arts
Savannah Lorick, Associate in General Education
Miguel Martin, Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing Pathway
Claudia Martinez-Quintana, Cosmetology
Bradley McCoy, Criminal Justice Technology
Sharon McGraw, Emergency Management
Madelyn Montgomery, Associate Degree Nursing
MacKenzie Moore, Associate in Science
Ruth Morton, Associate in General Education (Pre Nursing)
Devin Murphy, Associate in Arts
Gary Neckolaishen, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Alexa Nesbitt, Associate in Science
Nancy Ochs, Early Childhood Education
Barbara Patton, Office Administration
Heather Pinkston, Associate in Arts
Omar Ponce, Associate in Arts
Emily Porter, Associate in Arts
Jennie Prue, Associate in Arts
Candice Pryor, Accounting and Finance
Lidia Quiroz Estrada, Associate in Arts
Jacob Quisenberry, Associate in Arts
Kimberly Raines, Automotive Systems Technology
Heather Rapp, Associate in Arts
Dakota Records, Accounting and Finance
Tiffiny Revis, Associate in Arts
Thomas Richards, Early Childhood Education
Kristina Richardson, Associate in General Education (Pre Nursing)
Christian Rico-Lopez, Associate in Fine Arts/Theatre
Corey Ritchie, Film and Video Production Technology
Hope Robinson, Associate in Science
Ezequiel Rodriguez Pallares, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology; Automotive Systems Technology
Duncan Roe, Associate in Science
Janeissa Romero, Associate in Science
Richard Rorvig, Simulation and Game Development
Lisa Scarduzio, Associate in Arts
Bailey Schenimann, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Adam Schwab, Welding Technology
Elizabeth Shawver, Associate in Arts
Jared Shelton, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Colt Stephens, Associate in Science
Sarah Stott, Cosmetology
Hunter Street, Associate in General Education
Aaron Stuart, Information Technology
Lillian Summey, Associate in Science
Robert Sumner, Information Technology
Hannah Thomas, Associate in Science
Dillon Thompson, Electronics Engineering Technology
McKenzie Trantham, Associate in Science
Jolynn Vanmeter, Accounting and Finance
Taylor Vaughn, Associate in Science
Taya Waldrop, Associate in Arts
Jack Wankel, Welding Technology
Patrick Warren, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Rachel Wasch, Emergency Medical Science
Makayla Wesley, Business Administration/Marketing and Retailing Pathway
Annalyse Wilkins, Associate in Arts
Andrew Wilson, Associate in Science
Samantha Workman, Cosmetology
Autumn Young, Cosmetology

Jackson County
River Trent, Associate in Arts

Martin County
David Hooks, Emergency Medical Science

New Hanover County
Ross Pitman, Criminal Justice Technology

Polk County
Andrew Brueggeman, Simulation and Game Development
Daniel Focarino, Automotive Systems Technology
Monica Mathes, Criminal Justice Technology
Rhonda Mills, Cosmetology
Richard Sheppard, Information Technology
Karli Wood, Associate in General Education (Pre Nursing)

Rutherford County
April Toms, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence

Transylvania County
Justin Aiken, Associate in Arts
Haley Clark, Associate in Science
Randy Combs, Welding Technology
Rebekah Dobbins, Associate in Arts
Elizabeth Dodson, Associate in Arts
Madison Dossey, Associate in Science
Hazel Freeman, Associate in Arts
Deane Freudenberg, Information Technology
Caroline Harrison, Cosmetology
Wren Harry, Associate in Science
Garret Heinemann, Associate in Science
Jonathan Holliday, Associate in Science
Olivia Hollingsworth, Accounting and Finance
John Hyatte, Emergency Medical Science
Dalton Leopard, Information Technology
Ashley Masters, Associate in Arts
Emily McCall, Associate in Arts
Katarina McConnell, Associate in Arts
Debra Miller, Business Administration/General Business Administration Pathway
Michael Miller, Accounting and Finance
Daniel Owen, Welding Technology
Grayson Petersen, Welding Technology
Harper Reese, Associate in Arts
Alex Ritchey, Automotive Systems Technology;Business Administration
Jonathan Sacco, Criminal Justice Technology
Wesley Sheffield, Associate in Arts
Amy Shute, Associate in Arts
Caleb Snyder, Associate in Arts
Thomas Stewart, Film and Video Production Technology
Zachary Suelflow, Associate in Arts
Kyler Tomlin, Associate in Arts
Kerigan Townsend, Environmental Science Technology
Gabrielle Tucker, Associate in Arts
Hannah Wieman, Welding Technology

Watauga County
George Frank, Emergency Management