Victor Santos, #BlueRidgeGrad

#BlueRidgeGrad: Victor Santos

By Emily Gill, Marketing & Communications Dept.

Victor Santos decided to follow a path in healthcare at a young age, but he was unsure what area suited him best. 

Santos began studying at a four-year institution after high school but took a break due to health challenges. When Santos entered the workforce, he found his niche as a community health worker. To advance his career, he decided to go back to school, but he needed flexible classes while he worked full-time. Blue Ridge Community College not only provided that flexibility but exceeded his expectations with assistance and financial opportunities. 

“The staff was really helpful with me getting back into school after a long break from higher education,” Santos said. “They offered a lot of information, guided me through the steps, and pointed me to hybrid and online classes that I could complete in my own time. Their help make it easier for me to go to school and work so I didn’t have to compromise anything.”

Santos encouraged anyone considering returning to school to take that leap.

“It might seem intimidating at first, but it isn’t actually because the people at Blue Ridge make it very easy,” Santos said.

Santos will graduate this May with an associate in arts degree. He then plans to transfer to Western Carolina University to complete his bachelor’s degree with the overall goal of becoming a licensed clinical social worker. 

Blue Ridge Community College offers six associate degree programs designed for transfer to four-year colleges or universities. Additionally, Blue Ridge will offer dozens of courses this summer for students to take while home from other institutions during their summer breaks.

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