Course NameCourse TitleFee (AR) CodeAR Code
Fee Amount  
ACC-220Intermediate Accounting IACNFEAccounting 220 Course Fee$12.00
AGR-265Organic Crop Prod: SpringHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
AGR-267PermacultureHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
ART-121Two-Dimensional DesignARTFE Art Supply Fee$50.00
ART-122Three-Dimensional DesignARTFE Art Supply Fee$50.00
ART-131Drawing IARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-132Drawing IIARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-135Figure Drawing IARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-171Digital Design IACLFEArt Computer License Fee$75.00
ARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-231Printmaking IARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ART-232Printmaking IIARTFE Art Supply Fee$50.00
ART-235Figure Drawing IIARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-240Painting IARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ART-241Painting IIARTFE Art Supply Fee$50.00
ART-264Digital Photography IACLFEArt Computer License Fee$75.00
ART-265Digital Photography IIACLFEArt Computer License Fee$75.00
ART-271Digital Design IIACLFEArt Computer License Fee$75.00
ARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-275Introduction to Graphic DesignARTFE Art Supply Fee$20.00
ART-281Sculpture IARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ART-282Sculpture IIARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ART-283Ceramics IARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ART-284Ceramics IIARTFE Art Supply Fee $50.00
ASL-221Advanced ASL IIECFEInterpreter Ed Course Fee $180.00
AST-111ADescriptive Astronomy LabLABFEScience Lab Fee$25.00
AST-151AGeneral Astronomy I LabLABFEScience Lab Fee $25.00
AST-152AGeneral Astronomy II LabLABFEScience Lab Fee $25.00
ATR-112Intro to AutomationMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
ATR-211Robot ProgrammingMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
ATR-219Automation TroubleshootingMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee $30.00
AUB-111Painting & Refinishing IAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees$50.00
AUB-112Painting & Refinishing IIAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees$50.00
AUB-114Special FinishesAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees $50.00
AUB-121Non-Structural Damage IAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees$50.00
AUB-122Non-Structural Damage IIAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees $50.00
AUB-131Structural Damage IAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees$50.00
AUB-132Structural Damage IIAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees $50.00
AUB-136Plastics & AdhesivesAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees $50.00
AUB-162Autobody EstimatingAUBFEAuto Body Course Fees $50.00
AUT-116Engine RepairAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-116AEngine Repair LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-141Suspension & Steering SysAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-141ASuspension & Steering LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-151Brake SystemsAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-151ABrakes Systems LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-181Engine Performance 1AUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-181AEngine Performance 1 LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-183Engine Performance 2AUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-221Auto Transm/TransaxlesAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-221AAuto Transm/Transax LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
AUT-231Man Trans/Axles/DrtrainsAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee$50.00
AUT-231AMan Trans/Ax/Drtrains LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
BDF-110Fermentation ProductionBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee$65.00
BDF-111BDF Safety & SanitationBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee$25.00
BDF-112Survey of Fermented ProductsBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee $65.00
BDF-114Craft Beer BrewingBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee$65.00
BDF-115Applied Craft Bev MicrobiologyBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee$65.00
BDF-180Sensory EvaluationBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee$25.00
BDF-225Filtration & FinishingBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee $65.00
BDF-230Advanced BrewingBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee $65.00
BDF-236Brewing/Packaging MaintenanceBDFFEBrewing/Dist. Course Fee $25.00
BIO-090Foundations of BiologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$25.00
BIO-111General Biology ILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-112General Biology IILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-120Introductory BotanyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-130Introductory ZoologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-140AEnvironmental Biology LabLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-145EcologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-163Basic Anat & PhysiologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-165Anatomy and Physiology ILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-166Anatomy and Physiology IILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-168Anatomy and Physiology ILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-169Anatomy and Physiology IILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-175General MicrobiologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
BIO-275MicrobiologyLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
CHM-092Fundamentals of ChemistryCHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-131Introduction to ChemistryCHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-132Organic and BiochemistryCHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-151General Chemistry ICHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-152General Chemistry IICHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-251Organic Chemistry ICHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
CHM-252Organic Chemistry IICHMFEChemistry Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$142.00
COS-114Salon IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-114ABSalon IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$8.00
COS-114BBSalon IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$8.00
COS-116Salon IIICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-118Salon IVCMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-118ABSalon IVCMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$8.00
COS-118BBSalon IVCMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$8.00
COS-120Esthetics Salon ICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-121Manicure/Nail Technology ICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins. $16.00
COS-126Esthetics Salon IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-222Manicure/Nail Technology IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins. $16.00
COS-272Instructor Practicum ICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
COS-274Instructor Practicum IICMPFECosmetoloty Malpractice Ins.$16.00
CTS-125Presentation GraphicsMOCFEMOS Certification Fee $30.00
CTS-130SpreadsheetMOCFEMOS Certification Fee $30.00
DBA-110Database ConceptsMOCFEMOS Certification Fee $30.00
DFT-151CAD IMESFEMechanical Eng. Software Fee$10.00
DFT-154Intro Solid ModelingMESFEMechanical Eng. Software Fee$10.00
DFT-170Engineering GraphicsMESFEMechanical Eng. Software Fee$10.00
DRA-140Stagecraft IDRAFEDrama Course Fee$50.00
DRA-141Stagecraft IIDRAFEDrama Course Fee $50.00
DRA-145Stage Make-UpDRAFEDrama Course Fee $50.00
DRA-170Play Production IDRAFEDrama Course Fee $50.00
DRA-171Play Production IIDRAFEDrama Course Fee $50.00
DRA-270Play Production IIIDRAFEDrama Course Fee $50.00
DRA-271Play Production IVDRAFEDrama Course Fee$50.00
EDU-131Child, Family, and CommunityECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-145Child Development IIECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-151Creative ActivitiesECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-157Active PlayECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-184Early Child Intro PractECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-251Exploration ActivitiesECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EDU-280Language/Literacy ExperiencesECHFEEarly Childhood Course Fee$20.00
EGR-115Intro to TechnologyMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
EGR-115AIntro to Technology LabMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee $10.00
ELC-117Motors and ControlsEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
ELC-117ABMotors and ControlsEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
ELC-128Intro to PLCMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
ELC-131Circuit Analysis IMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
ELC-213InstrumentationEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
ELC-228PLC ApplicationsMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
ELN-131Analog Electronics IEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
ELN-133Digital ElectronicsEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
ELN-232Intro to MicroprocessorsEENFEElectronics Eng. Course Fee$10.00
ELN-234Communication SystemsEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
EMS-110EMTHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$160.00
EMSLIEMS Liability Insurance $37.00
EMS-115Defense Tactics for EMSHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $40.00
EMS-120Advanced EMTHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $120.00
EMS-121AEMT Clinical PractiumEMSLIEMS Liability Insurance $37.00
EMS-122EMS Clinical Practicum IEMSLICurriculum EMS Liability Ins.$37.00
HSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$20.00
EMS-130PharmacologyHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $80.00
EMS-131Advanced Airway ManagementHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$40.00
EMS-150Emergency Vehicles & EMS CommHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$20.00
EMS-160Cardiology IHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $40.00
EMS-220Cardiology IIHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$60.00
EMS-221EMS Clinical Practicum IIEMSLICurriculum EMS Liability Ins.$37.00
HSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$40.00
EMS-231EMS Clinical Pract IIIEMSLICurriculum EMS Liability Ins.$37.00
HSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$60.00
EMS-235EMS ManagementHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $40.00
EMS-240Patients W/ Special ChallengesHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$40.00
EMS-241EMS Clinical Practicum IVEMSLICurriculum EMS Liability Ins.$37.00
HSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$80.00
EMS-250Medical EmergenciesHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$80.00
EMS-260Trauma EmergenciesHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $40.00
EMS-270Life Span EmergenciesHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS $60.00
EMS-285EMS CapstoneHSEFEHealth Sciences Fee-EMS$40.00
FVP-111Intro. to Film and VideoFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-112Art Dept Operations IFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees $50.00
FVP-113Grip & Electrical IFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-114Camera & Lighting IFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-115Camera & Lighting IIFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees $75.00
FVP-116Sound OperationsFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-120Art Dept. Operations IIFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$50.00
FVP-130Grip and Electrical IIFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-212Production Techniques IFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-213Production Techniques IIFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-215Production ManagementFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-220Editing IFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-221Editing IIFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees $20.00
FVP-223Postproduct. Sound DesignFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
FVP-227Multimedia ProductionFVPFEFilm/Video Prod. Course Fees$10.00
HET-134Diesel Fuel & Power SysLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
HOR-114Landscape ConstructionHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-118Equipment Op & MaintHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-142Fruit & Vegetable ProdHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-152Horticultural PracticesHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-160Plant Materials IHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-161Plant Materials IIHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-162Applied Plant ScienceHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-166Soils & FertilizersHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-168Plant PropagationHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-215Landscape IrrigationHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-225Nursery ProductionHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-245Hor Specialty CropsHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-257Arboriculture PracticesHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HOR-265Advanced Plant MaterialsHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
HUM-180Internat Cultural ExplorFTEFEForeign Travel Expense-Bus $3000.00
HYD-110Hydraulics/Pneumatics IMECFEMechanical Eng. Crse Fee$15.00
HYD-121Hydraulics/Pneumatics IIMECFEMechanical Eng. Crse Fee$15.00
LDD-112Intro Light-Duty DieselLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
LDD-116Diesel Electric-DriveLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
LDD-181Ldd Fuel SystemsLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
LDD-183Air, Exh, EmissionsLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
LDD-284LDD Test and DiagnosisLDDFELight Duty Diesel Crse Fee$25.00
MAC-112Machining Technology IICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-113Machining Technology IIICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-121Introduction to CNCCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $25.00
MAC-122CNC TurningCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$25.00
MAC-124CNC MillingCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$25.00
MAC-141Machining Applications ICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-141AMachining Appl I LabCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-141AABMachining Appl I LabCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $33.00
MAC-141ABMachining Applications ICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$33.00
MAC-141ABBMachining Appl I LabCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$32.00
MAC-171Measure/Material and SafetyCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $10.00
MAC-222Advanced CNC TurningCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$25.00
MAC-224Advanced CNC MillingCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$25.00
MAC-241Jigs & Fixtures ICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-243Die Making ICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-245Mold Construction ICIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $65.00
MAC-248Production ProceduresCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee$65.00
MEC-130MechanismsMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee$10.00
MEC-145Mfg Materials IMECFEMechanical Eng. Crse Fee$15.00
MKT-120Principles of MarketingHCSFEHarvard Bus School Case Studies Fee$15.00
MKT-223Customer ServiceHCSFEHarvard Bus School Case Studies Fee $15.00
MNT-110Intro to Maintenance ProceduresMCTFEMechatronics Course Fee $10.00
MNT-160Industrial FabricationWLDFEWelding Course Fees$45.00
NUR-111Intro to Health ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR$160.00
MPRFEMalpractice Insurance$15.00
TSTFENursing Test Fee $209.00
NUR-112Health-Illness ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR $100.00
NUR-113Family Health ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR$100.00
MPRFEMalpractice Insurance$15.00
TSTFENursing Test Fee$209.00
NUR-114Holistic Health ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR $100.00
TSTFENursing Test Fee$209.00
NUR-211Health Care ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR $100.00
TSTFENursing Test Fee$209.00
NUR-212Health System ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR $100.00
NUR-213Complex Health ConceptsHSNFEHealth Sciences Fee-NUR $200.00
TSTFENursing Test Fee$209.00
OST-136Word ProcessingMOCFEMOS Certification Fee $30.00
OST-236Advanced Word ProcessingMOCFEMOS Certification Fee $30.00
PHY-110AConceptual Physics LabLABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
PHY-131Physics-MechanicsEECFEElectronics Engin. Course Fee$10.00
PHY-151College Physics ILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
PHY-152College Physics IILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
PHY-251General Physics ILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
PHY-252General Physics IILABFEScience Lab Fee *Except for online sections*$50.00
PLA-162Plastics Manuf ProcessesCIMFEComputer Int. Mac. Course Fee $10.00
SGD-113SGD ProgrammingDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-1143D ModelingDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-117Art for GamesDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-135Serious GamesDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-162SG 3D AnimationDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-165SG Character DevelopmentDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-168Mobile SG Programming IDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-172Virtual SG EnvironmentsDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-174SG Level DesignDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-213SGD Programming IIDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee$50.00
SGD-2143D Modeling IIDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee$50.00
SGD-237Rigging 3D ModelsDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee$50.00
SGD-2443D Modeling IIIDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee$50.00
SGD-288SGD Portfolio DesignDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee $50.00
SGD-289SGD ProjectDTGFEDigital Tutor-Gaming-Crse Fee$50.00
SUR-110Intro to Surg TechHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$60.00
SUR-111Periop Patient CareHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$140.00
MPRFEMalpractice Insurance$15.00
SUR-122Surgical Procedures IHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$120.00
SUR-123Sur Clinical Practice IHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$140.00
SUR-134Surgical Procedures IIHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$100.00
SUR-135SUR Clinical Practice IIHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$80.00
SUR-137Professional Success PrepHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$20.00
SUR-210Adv SUR Clinical PracticeHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$40.00
SUR-211Adv Theoretical ConceptsHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$40.00
SUR-212SUR Clinical SupplementHSSFEHealth Sciences Fee-Surg.Tech$80.00
MPRFEMalpractice Insurance$15.00
TRN-111Chassis Maint/Light RepairAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-112Powertrain Maint/Light RepairAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-120Basic Transp ElectricityAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-120ABasic Transp Electrical LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-130Intro to Sustainable TranspAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-140Transp Climate ControlAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-140ATransp Climate Cont LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-145Adv Transp ElectronicsAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-180Basic Welding for TranspAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
TRN-180ABasic Welding for Transp LabAUTFEAutomotive Course Fee $50.00
VEN-135Intro to ViticultureHORFEHorticulture Course Fee$20.00
WLD-110Cutting ProcessesWLDFEWelding Course Fees$35.00
WLD-112Basic Welding ProcessesWLDFEWelding Course Fees$35.00
WLD-115SMAW (Stick) PlateWLDFEWelding Course Fees$35.00
WLD-116SMAW (stick) Plate/PipeWLDFEWelding Course Fees$105.00
WLD-117Industrial SMAWWLDFEWelding Course Fees$45.00
WLD-121GMAW (MIG) FCAW/PlateWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-131GTAW (TIG) PlateWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-132GTAW (TIG) Plate/PipeWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-151Fabrication IWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-212Inert Gas WeldingWLDFEWelding Course Fees$35.00
WLD-214Sanitary WeldingWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-215SMAW (stick) PipeWLDFEWelding Course Fees$105.00
WLD-231GTAW (TIG) PipeWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-251Fabrication IIWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-261Certification PracticesWLDFEWelding Course Fees$35.00
WLD-262Inspection & TestingWLDFEWelding Course Fees$25.00
WLD-265Automated Welding/CuttingWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
WLD-270Orbital Welding TIG/PipeWLDFEWelding Course Fees$70.00
last updated 2/26/2021