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Residential Electrical Course Descriptions

Basic Electricity 
Get introduced to electricity in this course. Learn the basic elements and how to safely work with electricity. You will also be provided with an overview of the principles of electricity, concepts, components, circuits, and measurement instruments.   
Basic Electricity II 
Gain an understanding of the advanced elements of electricity. You will be provided an overview of the principles of electrical distribution, lighting, heating, generators, control circuits, and transformers. This course is designed to follow up and reinforce concepts from Basic Electricity I by providing a more advanced understanding of electrical work in commercial and/or industrial settings. You should have completed Basic Electricity I or have a working knowledge of electricity prior to registering for this course.   
NC Electrician Continuing Education 
Earn your National Electrical Code (NEC) continuing education credits. NEC is the most widely adopted code in the world. Approved by the American National Standards Institute, NEC is the most complete set of electrical code requirements that govern electrical installations in the interest of safety for persons and property. Stay up to date with current code changes. Bring your most current codebook to class with you.