A student locates an item in a drawer of medications while another student looks on.

Course Description:

This course will cover the six rights of medication administration for non-licensed personnel. Topics will include medication administration via the oral, topical and installation routes, medical asepsis, hand hygiene, terminology, and legal implications. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate skills necessary to qualify as a Medication Aide with the North Carolina Medication Aide Registry.

Enrollment requirements:

1. Documented proof of current listing on the North Caroline Nurse Aide Registry.

2. IDs required (names must match on both):

a. A Signed Social Security Card (paper card, non-laminated), or letter from Social Security Office stating that card has been requested.

b. Current Driver’s License or government-issued picture ID.

c. High school diploma or GED.

3. Registration form completed during appointment.

4. A statement will be signed at registration to confirm that the student received and had an opportunity to review Student Handbook.

5. Course fees are due at the time of registration.

Course schedule:

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