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Online Learning courses are offered to improve access to coursework and provide increased flexibility in scheduling. These courses may include online courses or courses via Interactive Television (ITV).

Blue Ridge Community College strives to ensure that the quality and content of these courses are the same as for traditional classroom courses. A qualified, competent instructor serves as facilitator for each course offered through one of these methods of delivery. The guidelines below will govern delivery of these courses:

  • Admission policies are the same as for traditional classroom courses.
  • Blue Ridge academic policies and Student Conduct policies described in the current college catalog are applicable.
  • Blue Ridge Community College provides full disclosure of all Información al consumidor y FERPA/Student Records Privacy information for students.
  • Credit hours granted for online education courses are consistent with those described in the college catalog.
  • Beginning and ending dates for online education courses are aligned with the college calendar. See the Registration Dates webpage, and also listed in the current college catalog (General Information around page 4).
  • Blue Ridge guidelines for tuition and fees will apply. NOTE: BRCC charges no fees solely associated with Online Learning courses or for determining student identity.
  • The student must meet prerequisite requirements for online education courses unless a Waiver of Prerequisites form is completed with the consent of the advisor and the instructor of the course. (See How to use myBlueRidge for Student Planning and Registration, Course Catalog section)
  • Online Learning courses on the student schedule show “TBA” for the location. This is only because the field cannot be blank and does not mean the student should wait to be contacted. Blue Ridge faculty teaching online education courses will attempt to contact students enrolling in online courses via the student’s assigned and required Blue Ridge e-mail. However, as soon as the students completes their account set-ups, it is strongly suggested that the student contact the instructor at that time to provide necessary information (e.g., current mailing address, email address, or phone number). Ultimate responsibility for contact rests with the student.
  • The student is required to have access to the appropriate technology (including software and hardware) for the online education courses for which he/she registers. If no syllabus is available before the course begins, it would be a good idea for the student to contact their instructor to ask about special software as suggested above.
  • The student is required to attend any online orientation sessions or review sessions. Online courses may require online proctored exams that require a photo id; i.e. work id, student id, driver’s license, state id, etc. with an in-person proctored exam available upon student request. The instructor will communicate expectations for the course in the course syllabus and through course announcements and email.
  • The student must complete an activity and/or communicate with the instructor weekly unless more activity is necessary to meet course requirements. A student who fails to meet this requirement may be dropped from the course for nonattendance.
  • Materials will be faxed or mailed when necessary and feasible. This may be more an issue with ITV courses than online ones.
  • In cases of student grievance, where it is impractical for an online education student to appear in person to be heard, to afford the student due process and the expedient resolve of issues, special accommodation may be made to include: written statements, telephone conferences, electronic mail, videotape, live video, or similar means of communication.

Before registering for a online education course the student should access the Online Learning pages from the college website. Links are also provided to technology requirements, general information about online education at Blue Ridge, and a listing of online education courses offered by the college.

The student enrolled in online education courses may access the Blue Ridge Community College Library and online resources through links provided on the college website. This webpage has links to websites that provide access to other libraries, resources, and services such as NC LIVE. Use of some resources requires a Blue Ridge library card which may be obtained by contacting the college librarian. Please see the Blue Ridge Library webpage for Online Learning student support and information.


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