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Music Course Schedule 

Music Course Descriptions

Guitar for Beginners

Learn and enjoy the basic skills in guitar technique and music fundamentals through a diverse repertoire that includes popular, folk, and country styles. The class is designed for the beginning student and it is not necessary to have any previous music experience. You will need to bring a six-string acoustic guitar (can be nylon or steel strings) and music manuscript paper (staff paper) to each class session. Students will have opportunities to recommend songs of interest for the class to learn.

Intermediate Guitar II – NEW

Continue to expand your knowledge of guitar techniques and music fundamentals through a diverse repertoire that includes popular, classical, folk and country music styles. You will need to have the ability to read music notation, guitar tablature and possess a basic chord vocabulary for this course. Prerequisite: Guitar for Beginners course and/or Intermediate Guitar.

The Beatles: Here, There, and Everywhere – NEW

Learn about the three stylistic periods of the Beatles (Early Period/Initiation, 1962-1964; Middle Period/Experimentation, 1965-1967; and Late Period/Maturity, 1967-1969) to increase your understanding of their contributions to popular music. You will learn and apply the principles of Aural Analysis of Music to expand your skills as a listener and enhance your enjoyment of music recordings and concerts.



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