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The Disability Services Office offers students with a disability equal access to education opportunities. We specialize in helping students with a disability adjust to being on campus for the first time. If you have a disability or believe you may have a disability, we invite you to visit us in the One Stop in the Sink Building. 

All Blue Ridge students now have access to valuable learning tools provided by Don Johnston, a leading company in learning technology. Snap & Read is a reading assistant providing easy-to-understand text, study tools, and translation. Co-Writer​ has word prediction, speech recognition, and language support. Students are encouraged to utilize these tools free of charge by using their Blue Ridge credentials.

To access these learning tools, go to snapandread.com or cowriter.com.

Snap&Read Tutorial

Snap&Read Quick Card

Snap&Read Language Translation Quick Card

Co:Writer Tutorial

Co:Writer Quick Card

Co:Writer Language Translation Quick Card


Classroom Accommodations

Classroom accommodations are determined by the disability counselor and student, based on the most recent psychological evaluation or other appropriate documentation. Remember that it is the student’s responsibility to inform the College of their needs and to request accommodations from Disability Services. Instructors may note that a student is having difficulty in class, but they will not ask if a student has a disability and requires accommodations. Failure to register with Disability Services or to complete the paperwork will mean that students will not have accommodations for their classes.

Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively.


For the classroom or for any event on campus, Disability Services can provide sign language interpreters for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Generally, a minimum of two weeks’ notice is required to ensure the availability of an interpreter. The responsibility lies with the student to request support services through the Disability Services office.

Additional Services

  • Additional vocational, academic, and personal counseling is provided through Student Services and the NCWorks Career Center.
  • Financial assistance for those who qualify is available through the Financial Aid Office in One Stop.
  • There may be other financial assistance available for those who qualify:
  • The College also offers classes that may be of assistance, such as transition courses in mathematics, English, reading, study skills, and sign language. The Student Success Center offers assistance with independent work in many academic areas. The library staff will help with research and general use of the library. Remember students must request this support.
  • All academic support services at Blue Ridge Community College are provided at no cost to the student.


Angie Uhl-Kalev
Director of Disability Services
(828) 694-1813
Fax: (828) 696-2446

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