This insurance program provides accident coverage to students who are registered, enrolled and have paid the student insurance fee.

Students covered under the student accident insurance policy should notify the Vice President for Student Services or a designee within forty-eight (48) hours of an accident. The Vice President for Student Services or a designee will assist the student in making a claim to the insurance company.

Accident Insurance Fee $1.30

Students are required to take limited coverage accident insurance while enrolled. The amount varies each year. The accident insurance fee is waived for students taking only distance education classes which do not require attendance on campus. This insurance fee is not refundable after the 100% refund period. Due to the changing nature of the insurance industry, types of policies and rates are subject to change without notice. Blue Ridge Community College is not liable for injury suffered by students while participating in classes, shop work or other school activities.

Student Accident Insurance Plan Brochure



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