Declaración de propósitos:

Se espera que todos los estudiantes de este programa cumplan con ciertas funciones / estándares técnicos que son esenciales para completar con éxito todas las fases del programa y que reflejan los requisitos y estándares de la industria. Para verificar la capacidad de los estudiantes para realizar estas funciones esenciales, es posible que se les solicite que demuestren los siguientes estándares técnicos: these essential functions, students may be required to demonstrate the following technical standards: 

Estándar Definición de Estándar Ejemplo(s) de Norma Técnica
1. Habilidades de pensamiento crítico Ability to collect, interpret, and integrate information and make decisions within a range of function Read and comprehend relevant information in textbooks, statutory/case law, legal/non-legal documents

Determine the importance and relevance of legal principles in individual scenarios

Detach from individual prejudices and assumptions to make informed decisions in high and low stress situations

2. Movilidad/Habilidades motoras Adequate ability to perform physical requirements Sufficient dexterity to use computer keyboard for long periods of time

Ability to perform functions such as sitting for prolonged periods of time and navigating office environments

3. Habilidades táctiles N/A N/A
4. Habilidades auditivas Sufficient hearing to communicate with others Ability to interpret, retain, organize, and manipulate spoken language

Actively listen to clients/customers and co-workers

5. Habilidades visuales Sufficient eyesight to read documents and records Ability to identify and research official court documents

Ability to identify and research deed books, civil ledgers, criminal records

6. Habilidades de comunicación Adequate comprehension and understanding of the English language in spoken, written, and nonverbal formats Give directions and answer questions

Keep accurate records using appropriate terms with correct grammar and spelling

Recognize, interpret, and respond to nonverbal behavior of self and others

Resolve conflict in a calm, non-defensive, and respectful manner

7. Habilidades interpersonales Ability to work collaboratively with others Interact appropriately with individuals from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds

Ability to listen to others and determine their wants and needs

Ability to employ basic conflict management skills

8. Habilidades conductuales Exhibit professional behaviors in the work environment Be accountable for schedules and work performance

Demonstrate initiative, flexibility, enthusiasm, honesty, cooperative behavior

Perform duties efficiently, willingly, and thoroughly

Present professional appearance and maintain personal hygiene

En el caso de una persona calificada con una discapacidad documentada, se harán adaptaciones apropiadas y razonables, a menos que hacerlo altere fundamentalmente los elementos esenciales de capacitación, cause dificultades excesivas o produzca una amenaza directa a la seguridad del paciente o estudiante.

Disability Services Statement

The College has a legal obligation to provide appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities. If you have a disability and are seeking accommodations, you should contact the Disability Services Office (Sink Building; 694-1813) and notify your course instructor of your disability as appropriate. Students should initiate this process as soon as possible (prior to the start of classes and/or field experience).