Blue Ridge Community College Graduates in caps and gowns May 2019 ceremony

List of Recent Graduates

The following students, in alphabetical order, graduated at Blue Ridge Community College's commencement ceremony on May 11, 2019.

View Blue Ridge Commencement Ceremony,
May 2019, 9 a.m.

View Blue Ridge Commencement Ceremony,
May 2019, 11:30 a.m.


Nicolas Winston Aguilar, Welding Technology-Multiple Plate Welding

Justin Luke Aiken, College Transfer

Reyes Alcantar, College Transfer

Daniel Mark Allison, Film and Video Production Technology

Heber Magdalena Alvarado Silva, College Transfer

Chelsie Courtney Anderson, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing

Marisol Andrade , Office Administration

Gustavo Andrade-Alanis, College Transfer

Gavin Dean Anglin, College Transfer

Robert Orin Armstrong, College Transfer

Mackenzie Elizabeth Austin, Associate Degree Nursing

Aaron Banks, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development

Kathlene Leeanne Beam, Esthetics Technology

Holly J. Biddix, Office Administration

Matthew Martin Biddy, Interpreter Education

Tyler Jacob Bishop, College Transfer

Camryn Paige Blackwell, College Transfer

Kade Nathaniel Blackwell, Electronics Engineering Technology

Jesus Blanco-Martinez, College Transfer

Hanna Nicole Blankenship, College Transfer

Lisa Ridgeway Bolt, Early Childhood Education

Carl Joshua Bowne, Simulation and Game Development

Emily Nicole Bowne, Early Childhood Education-Infant & Toddler Care, Early Childhood Education-Preschool

Leah B. Breen, Esthetics Technology

Spryng Laurel Briggs, Horticulture Technology

Mckenzie Lynne' Brinkley, College Transfer

Christian Michael Brown, College Transfer

Marlene Vera Brown , College Transfer

Jamie Lashane Burgess, Associate Degree Nursing

Adam Jerome Burkart, Theatre

Matthew Steven Burnette, College Transfer

Tequilia Marie Cairnes, Cosmetology

Anne Jarman Campbell, Associate in General Education

Maria Dejesus Campuzano, College Transfer

Sandy James Cantrell, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development

Carina Carcamo, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence II

Franco Javier Carrasco Barragan, College Transfer

Cameron Blake Carter, College Transfer

Natalia Ceron, Cosmetology

Domenick Pearath Chan, Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Milling Operator, Computer-Integrated Machining-CNC Turning Operator

Lauren Elizabeth Chandler, College Transfer

Joshua Cole Chapman, Associate Degree Nursing

Rose M. Charms, Environmental Science Technology

Victor McCurry Chatman, College Transfer

Haley Elizabeth Clark, Pharmacy

Tiffany Rose Clayton, College Transfer

Sara Jean Cochran, Pharmacy

Emily Kate Cocking, Esthetics Technology

Amy J. Cole, College Transfer

Ian Garreth Comeaux, College Transfer

Kyle Robert Corbin, Welding Technology

Caitlin Rachelle Corpening, Early Childhood Education

Emily Kendray Crettol, College Transfer

Alexis Cheyenne Crook, College Transfer

Robin Dale Crowe, College Transfer

Jannet Cruz, Associate Degree Nursing

Sierra Lynn Cubero, College Transfer

Amber Rose Culleton, College Transfer

LaRisa Davidson, Esthetics Technology

Fernando Henrique de Oliveira, Accounting

Lucas Riley DeAngelo, College Transfer

Timothy Kieth Duncan, Mechatronics Engineering Technology-Maintenance Technician

Jennifer Lynn Dunlap, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence

Raequel Leora Durham, Surgical Technology

Natasha Ellis, Associate Degree Nursing

Katelyn Pauline English, Cosmetology

Jordi Joel Enriquez-Ortiz, College Transfer

Jeremy Tyler Farmer, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development

Mary Kate Finnan, Associate Degree Nursing

Memory Amelia Fizer, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Anna Rebecca Fleming, Office Administration-Office Software, Office Administration-Medical Office

Lesslie Irene Franklin, Associate Degree Nursing

Monica Denise Frasure, College Transfer

Crystal Elliott Galloway, Office Administration

Brandi Meghan Gannon, College Transfer

Jesus Garcia, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I

Erica Louise Gardner, College Transfer

Mackenzie Beth Garren, Business Administration-Marketing & Retailing, Business Administration-Entrepreneurship

Nathan Thomas Gehr, College Transfer

Perla Karina Gonzalez , College Transfer

Melissa Gonzalez Villanueva, College Transfer

Ryan Anthony Good , College Transfer

Aaron McKinnley Grant, Computer-Integrated Machining

Jonathan Robert Gregoire, College Transfer

Hannah Cheri Guthrie, Associate Degree Nursing

Adela Gutierrez Ramirez, College Transfer

Sarah Haley Gutillo, Esthetics Technology

Garren Daniel Hampton, College Transfer

Abigail Caroline Harris, College Transfer

Wren Kathryn Ellicott Harry, College Transfer

Rolanda Jean Hayden, Criminal Justice Technology

Jennifer Leann Hayes, Office Administration

Brooke Elizabeth Herman, Associate Degree Nursing

Cory James Herman, Esthetics Technology

Angel Sebastian Hernandez Estrada, Business Administration

Juan Francisco Herrera Palomo, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Brian Dale Hickling, College Transfer

Haley Brooke Hudgins, College Transfer

Abbigail Grace Hudson, Esthetics Technology

Destiny Lee Huggins, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I

Amanda Lynn Huntley, Emergency Medical Science

Savannah Taylor Huscusson, College Transfer

Zachary Carroll Ingle, Emergency Medical Science

Kahlani Cheri' Jackson, Esthetics Technology

Samuel Aaron Johnson, College Transfer

Joey Michael Justice, General Occupational Technology

Robert Darren Kelly, Electronics Engineering Technology

Chandler Creedon King, Welding Technology

Desiree Ladelle Kroeper, Associate Degree Nursing

Vanessa Noelle Lamb, Esthetics Technology

Aireonna Matia Lance, College Transfer

HollyMarie Faith Lane, Drama

Melissa Radziewicz Ledgerwood, Associate Degree Nursing

Autumn Labree Lee, Horticulture Technology

Zackary-Sean Spencer Legore, College Transfer

Sara Ann Marie Leicht, Esthetics Technology

Lynn A. Lewis, Basic Accounting-Bookkeeping II

Patrick Steven Lewis, Computer-Integrated Machining

Anthony Dominique Little, Emergency Management

Victoria Honour Lofton, College Transfer

Genesis Lopez-Garcia, College Transfer

Sushanta Magar, College Transfer

Jessica Danielle  Major, Associate Degree Nursing

Leo Malak, College Transfer

Katelyn Erin Marcello, Associate Degree Nursing

Odeth Dulcelina Martinez, College Transfer

Ulises Martinez, College Transfer

Samara Idaly Martinez Arredondo, Esthetics Technology

Monica Cahill Mathes, Criminal Justice Technology

Miranda Danielle Marie Mathews, Associate Degree Nursing

Emily Marie McCall, College Transfer

Nicholas Isaiah McCall, Computer-Integrated Machining

Tiffany Iris McCall, Office Administration-Office Software

Ian C. McCormick, College Transfer

Heather Nicole McGrann, College Transfer

Melanie Janine McGroarty, Esthetics Technology

Mirjam Katharina-Julia McHargue, Emergency Medical Science

Sara Vera Melendez, Early Childhood Education

Sandor Dalton Melinis, College Transfer

Maria Guadalupe Meza Solano, College Transfer

Alexander Dean Mosblech, College Transfer

Hannah Ruth Mullis, Emergency Medical Science

Tamaira A. Muñoz, Associate Degree Nursing

Jason Alejandro Nava-Tomas, College Transfer

Brenda Lee Neal, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Beatrice Niemann, College Transfer

Shannon Singleton Niven, Associate Degree Nursing

Christopher Adam Norton, College Transfer

Erick Noveron Palacio, College Transfer

Laura Obregon-Cañola, College Transfer

Amber Leann Osteen, Associate Degree Nursing

Clancie Jillian Owen, Esthetics Technology

Arrian LeShay Parks, Esthetics Technology

Barbara Patton, Office Administration

Stacey Lee Pedersen, Office Administration-Virtual Office

Lacie Jean Peterson, Office Administration

Brenna Paige Phillips, Esthetics Technology

Haley Kay Phillips, College Transfer

Caroline Catherine Pickard, Business Administration-Basic

Tierney R. Pineda, Emergency Medical Science

Kaitlyn Marie Pittman, College Transfer

Ashley Lorraine Polk, College Transfer

Ethan Sawyer Praytor, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I

Kimberly Nicole Raines, Automotive Systems Technology

Phillip Ray, Mechatronics Engineering Technology-Maintenance

Victoria Elizabeth Raymond, Interpreter Education

Johnny Lee Reece, Emergency Management

John C. Rees , Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development

Harper Andrew Reese, College Transfer

Rosa Alejandra Rich, Office Administration-Medical Office

Michelle Louise Riddle, Associate in General Education

Jennifer Renee-Harris Rief, Associate Degree Nursing

Noel E. Rieger, Esthetics Technology

Isaac Caleb Roberts, College Transfer

Hope N. Robinson, College Transfer

Duncan Phillip Roe, College Transfer

Brittany Nichole Rothrock, Associate Degree Nursing

Elizabeth Salitre Huapilla, College Transfer

Ashley Lauren Saltz, Esthetics Technology

Lisa Marie Scarduzio, College Transfer

Preston Henry Schelenz, Associate Degree Nursing

Elizabeth Marie Shawver, College Transfer

Sara Rachel Sherman, College Transfer

Amberose Marie Shore, Business Administration

Jennifer L. Short-Kirkwood, Welding Technology

Jessica Payton Silva, Nursing

Cristopher Aaron Silvey, College Transfer

Wilson Christopher Slusher, College Transfer

Ariana Sosa-Trejo, College Transfer

Colt Sterlin Stephens, College Transfer

Sarah Elizabeth Stephens, Associate Degree Nursing

Tracy Williams Stevens, Esthetics Technology

Thomas Ray Stewart, Film and Video Production Technology

Michael David Sullivan, Fire Protection Technology

Reneé Chantal Gaillard Swain, Associate Degree Nursing

Kenneth Andrew Tadlock, College Transfer

Neil Christopher Tesnow, College Transfer

Bailey Anne Thibodeaū, Interpreter Education

Kassidy Taylor Thompson, College Transfer

Madison Alan Tipton, College Transfer

April Rose Toms, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence

Makala Leigh Trantham, College Transfer

McKenzie Bree Trantham, College Transfer

Joshua G. Tritt, Electronics Engineering Technology

Kelvin Bailey Turner, College Transfer

Elijah Brooke Tyler, Interpreter Education

Cameron Philip Underwood, College Transfer

Suzanne C. Valdez, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation

Atefeh Veazey, Accounting and Finance-Bookkeeping I

Taya Jasmine Waldrop, College Transfer

Lindsey Grace Watkins, Associate Degree Nursing

Justin Cain Wheeling, Visual Arts

Jessica Mae Whited, Associate Degree Nursing

Debra Jo Ann Whiting, Interpreter Education

Joshua David Whitmire, Associate Degree Nursing

Annalyse Rose Wilkins, College Transfer

Madelaine Sarah Williams, College Transfer

Andrew Thomas Wilson, College Transfer

Joshua Michael Winters, College Transfer

Ashley Violet Wiseman, Associate Degree Nursing

Cheyann Wrenee Woods, College Transfer

Paris Ann Wright, College Transfer

Kacie Rene Young, Associate Degree Nursing

Kristen Elizabeth Zachry, College Transfer

Sara Crouse Zappile, Associate Degree Nursing