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Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation, Inc.

In May, Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation launched a $2 million dollar Annual Campaign to benefit Blue Ridge Community College.


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Campaign Goal: The Board of Directors for the Educational Foundation seeks to raise $2 million for the College by June 30, 2019.

#1: This campaign will provide: $500,000 in new scholarships


Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC) is making an impact in Henderson and Transylvania Counties by offering scholarships to ensure those who want to pursue a college education can do so without financial burden.

Many of BRCC’s students take advantage of scholarships offered through the Educational Foundation or receive assistance from grants and loans in order to pay for their education. Last year, the Educational Foundation awarded more than $372,000 in scholarship dollars to students. We want to do more.#2: $500,000 to address critical needs.



Obstacles and Opportunities

in the life of a student.
Unexpected obstacles, like transportation or childcare needs, have the potential to derail a student from ultimately completing their academic goals. We want to ensure success by providing resources through Foundation funding that allow faculty and staff to seize opportunities which offer exceptional value to our students – opportunities and needs that exist outside the classroom, yet enrich the overall experience.


Student Success Initiatives

that lack state funding, yet can boost overall success.

Innovative technologies like a campus-wide mass notification system can boost student success and result in lasting change for the College. One of several student success initiatives is our recently purchased texting alert mobile application; allowing for rapid updates to our student population during weather and emergency incidents as well as sending important student reminders. This would have remained unfunded without Foundation support due to a tight state budget. Foundation funding is essential to assist with more student success initiatives.

Emerging Programs

that require assistance with start-up funds.

The College has been fortunate to have collaborated with corporate and community partners to create innovative programs and training opportunities like SAMTEC and the brewing program. However, many of these emerging programs require additional start-up funds to ensure sustainability. The Foundation is able to play an integral role in taking the program through concept to completion by paying for those additional costs.

#3: Pay it forward endowment


In 2006, long time Blue Ridge supporter Ellen Perstein provided an initial gift to establish the Pay It Forward Endowed Chair Fund. In 2013, the College named Sharon Suess the first Pay It Forward Endowed Chair recipient. Sharon, an engineer herself, leads the advanced manufacturing and engineering programs at BRCC.

Funding endowed chair positions, allows BRCC to ensure the continued success of emerging programs at the College.


Innovation Collaboration IMPACT


Our Impact:

With contributions from donors like you, the Foundation is able to support innovation and collaboration at Blue Ridge Community College. Together, we’re creating impact throughout our community.




To make a contribution, please contact:

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