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About Us

Blue Ridge Community College Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports the students, faculty, and programs of Blue Ridge Community College.  Under the direction of its volunteer Board of Directors, the Foundation provides philanthropic leadership and support aimed at helping Blue Ridge Community College accomplish its mission.

Each year, the Foundation provides financial assistance to students through scholarships, a work-study program, and emergency loans and grants; purchases state-of-the-art equipment for use in classrooms; sponsors faculty development through special projects; enables the College to achieve its institutional effectiveness goals; provides start-up costs for new programs; and solicits monies for other projects on campus.

Private support through the Foundation enables Blue Ridge Community College to keep pace with the educational changes occurring in its service area and in the lives of its students, faculty, and staff, and the citizens it serves. Even though the Foundation is a separate, legal entity, it serves as a vessel for broadening support for the College through the involvement of citizens who share in the College's mission and vision.