Automotive Systems Tech

Work-Based Learning / Internships: Automotive Systems Technology

Real World Education Works!

Blue Ridge Community College works with numerous employers to ensure that our students gain valuable learning experiences in real-world settings. Through the internship experience, students not only apply the skills learned in the classrooms and labs, but they also gain an understanding of the industry that can only be found on the job.  Consider how your company can benefit from an student/employee pipeline designed to offer you well trailed short-term employees that you have the opportunity to make sure fit your culture and business need.


Automotive Systems Technology

Automotive Systems Technology course and lab work emphasizes:

  • Prepares individuals for employment as entry-level transportation service technicians.
  • This program is NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation) accredited training to the MAST (Master Automotive Service Technician) level.
  • Engine repair, engine performance
  • Electrical/electronic systems
  • Drive trains, transmission/transaxles
  • Braking systems
  • Steering/suspension


Employer Benefits

  • Work with a highly motivated student/employee whose productivity often exceeds expectations.
  • Observe a student/employee’s performance before making a commitment to full-time employment.
  • Fill short-term employment need while assisting the student/employee with resume building experience.
  • Complete special projects without reassigning full-time employees.
  • Gain an educated student/employee with fresh insight and abilities using cutting-edge technology.
  • Build a long-term relationship and employment pipeline with Blue Ridge Community College.

Employer Responsibilities

  • Provide the student with progressive, meaningful work.
  • Provide the student a minimum number of hours, as determined by the course requirements
  • Sign a Work Based Learning Agreement detailing the various parties' responsibilities.
  • Work with the student to develop three measurable learning objectives.
  • Allow site visits by Blue Ridge Community College representatives (a minimum of one site visit).
  • Complete two evaluations of the student, one during the site visit and one at the end of the semester.
  • Review for accuracy and sign timesheets documenting the student/employee’s work hours.

Paid and Non-paid WBL / Internships
Compensation increases the likelihood that the student/employee will be assigned meaningful and productive tasks. For this reason, we strongly suggest that our students, who bring valuable skills to their jobs, be paid at a rate equal to the work provided.  However, we do recognize that paid internships can create economic challenges for the employer or even preclude the company's ability to offer opportunities, therefore, both paid and non-paid internships are acceptable.

To discuss WBL/Internships further or request participation in the program please contact:
Work-Based Learning Director or call (828) 694-1734.


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