Blue Ridge BLET student Brandon Maynard receives job offer


BRCC News | Published December 20, 2019

Brandon Maynard portrait

Brandon Maynard, a recently graduated BLET student, is one of the lucky few cadets to not only graduate the program, but also to land a job prior to the program’s completion in his career field.

The 46-year-old is originally from Arden, North Carolina, and has always had an interest in law enforcement. With a wife and three kids – who are all three close to moving out – Maynard said he got the opportunity to pursue his longtime dream at Blue Ridge and immediately took it.

Receiving a conditional letter halfway through the BLET program with a job offer, Maynard was elated to be offered a role as a patrol officer with the Laurel Park Police Department.

He states he felt a wave of relief after getting his letter, mostly because getting a job shortly after graduation is crucial for BLET cadets. This is because their training is only valid for one year; if a cadet doesn’t get a job in law enforcement within that time frame, they’ll have to retake the course to recertify.

“Getting a job before the program is finished allows you to focus more on the program and your coursework rather than worrying about landing a job. It definitely gets something off your plate,” Maynard said.

Although he lives close to AB-Tech in Buncombe County, Maynard said he chose to attend Blue Ridge’s BLET program over AB-Tech’s because Blue Ridge’s is “heads and shoulders above the rest.”

He described Blue Ridge’s program as being longer than others, and affording its participants more training opportunities as a result. Called BLET Plus, the Blue Ridge program provides 200 training hours in addition to the required amount.

“I just want to give back to my community. Making a difference to just one person would mean a lot to me,” he added.

Prior to working in law enforcement, Maynard worked for Lowe’s for 12 years, and also worked as a business account manager for U.S. Cellular.

“I think my background will really help me in my new role because communication is one of your best weapons in law enforcement,” Maynard said. “Talking to someone with respect could totally change the end result of a conversation.”

He encourages anyone interested in law enforcement to consider Blue Ridge’s BLET program, not only because of its impressive reputation, but because it will also help the shortage in officers around the nation.

At the BLET graduation, Maynard represented and spoke for the class. His first official day on the job will be Dec. 30, 2019.

For anyone interested in the Blue Ridge BLET program, contact