Blue Ridge Community College Announces Fall Semester Dean's List


BRCC News | Published February 2, 2018

(February 2, 2018) The following students listed with program of study and county of residence were named to the Dean's List at Blue Ridge Community College for Fall Semester 2017. To qualify for the Dean's List, students must be full-time student with a minimum grade point average of 3.50.

Note: This release includes students from the following counties: Brunswick, Buncombe, Cumberland, Henderson, Macon, Polk, Randolph, Rutherford, Swain, and Transylvania.


Brunswick County

Sara Rhodes, Fire Protection Technology


Buncombe County

Coleman Criss, Associate in Arts

Kristopher Dowdell, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Garren Hampton, Associate in Science

Tiffany Reece, Business Administration (General) 

Suzanne Valdez, Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation Technology

Makayla Williams, Film and Video Production Technology

Moriah Ziese, Interpreter Education


Cumberland County

April Edwards, Interpreter Education

Tanea Murphy, Interpreter Education

Kerry Siegel, Interpreter Education


Henderson County

Gustavo Andrade-Alanis, Associate in Arts

Caroline Andrews, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts

Jennifer Antunez-Antunez, Associate in Arts

Reva Bagwell, Office Administration - Medical Office

Eran Bates, Interpreter Education

Lillly Blankenship, Office Administration - Medical Office

Windy Boatright, Associate in Arts

Zachary Bogin, Associate in Arts

Kara Bonello, Associate in Science

Chloe Bosshard, Business Administration (General)

Sadie Bowen, Associate in Arts

Carrie Brackett, Emergency Medical Science

Matthew Burnette, Associate in Arts

Andrew Burns, Associate in Science

Sandy Cantrell, Information Technology

Franco Carrasco, Associate in Arts

Rhonda Carreno, Office Administration

Cameron Carter, Associate in Arts

Michelle Carver, Associate in Arts

Jesse Catalano, Computer-Integrated Machining

Sara Cochran, Associate in Science

Joreeca Dinnall, Criminal Justice Technology

Elizabeth Duncan, Associate in Arts

Matthew Duncan, Business Administration (General)

Austin Edney, Business Administration (General) 

Rhonda Ellingwood, Office Administration

Amie Emery, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Jeremy Farmer, Information Technology

Memory Fizer, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Brandon Fleming, Associate in Science

Ian Fleming, Associate in Arts

Jessica Fletcher, Criminal Justice Technology

Natalie Fletcher, Cosmetology

Christian Fornasier, Associate in Arts

Francisco Fuentes-Sandoval, Associate in Arts

Brandi Gannon, Associate in Science

MacKenzie Garren, Business Administration (Marketing and Retailing)

Ellen George, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts

Zachary Godwin, Associate in Arts

Andrea Gomez, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Nealy Gonzalez, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Perla Gonzalez, Associate in Arts

Ryan Good, Associate in Arts

Amanda Gordon, Emergency Medical Science

Vanessa Gremler, Associate in Science

Adela Gutierrez-Ramirez, Associate in Engineering

Stephanie Hanners, Associate Degree Nursing

Patrick Harrison, Associate in Arts

Kierra Hill, Early Childhood Education

Erik Hinkle, Associate in Arts

Caroline Howard, Early Childhood Education

Ashleigh Jackson, Early Childhood Education

Andrew Johnson, Associate in Science

Kassidy Johnson, Associate in Science

Gallagher Justice, Information Technology

Michael Laberge, Business Administration (Marketing and Retailing)

Aireonna Lance, Associate in Arts

Eduardo Leon, Information Technology

Kimberly Leonard, Early Childhood Education

Victoria Lofton, Associate in Arts

Samantha Lughart, Associate in Arts

Dennis Lyda, Information Technology

Kasey Lyons, Environmental Science Technology

Ivan Martinez, Film and Video Production Technology

Odeth Martinez, Associate in Arts

Ulises Martinez, Associate in Arts

Reuben Maxwell, Accounting

Maria McCall, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence

Tiffany McCall, Office Administration- Medical Office

William McCarson, Information Technology

Luke McMinn, Associate in Arts

Lindsey McNeely, Associate in Arts

Damien Milburn, Information Technology

Rebecca Mills, School-Age Education

Devin Murphy, Associate in General Education

Caison Newton, Automotive Systems Technology

Lora Nielsen, Interpreter Education

Cristina Nieto-Lopez, School-Age Education

Laura Obregon, Associate in Arts

Luke Page, Associate in Science

Azura Paulin, Associate in Arts

Austin Payne, Fire Protection Technology

Damon Perdue, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Jamie Piastuch, Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation Technology

Tierney Pineda, Emergency Medical Science

Kaitlyn Pittman, Associate in Arts

Daniel Reed, Associate in Science

Zachary Rhodarmer, Office Administration

Brandi Rhodes, Associate Degree Nursing (RIBN)

Angel Rico-Lopez, Associate in Science

Lisa Scarduzio, Associate in Arts

Adam Schwab, Welding Technology

Tyler Sem, Automotive Systems Technology

Jared Shelton, Mechanical Engineering Technology

Sara Sherman, Associate in Arts

Emma Shirlin, Associate in Arts

Wilson Slusher, Associate in Arts

Olivia Souther, Emergency Medical Science

Torri Stanford, Associate in Arts

Makala Trantham, Associate in Arts

Abbie Turner, Associate in Arts

Isaac Turner, Associate in Arts

Kelvin Turner, Associate in Arts

Hannah Tyler, Associate in Arts

Patrick Warren, Business Administration (General Business) 

Justin Wheeling, Associate in Fine Arts - Visual Arts

Alithea Whisenant, Associate in Arts

Kathryn Williams, Cosmetology

Jared Wright, Information Technology

Paula Wynn, Office Administration

Brigid Zietlow, Associate in Arts


Macon County

Diana Watts, Fire Protection Technology


Polk  County

Andrew Brueggeman, Simulation and Game Development

Seth Dendy, Information Technology

Duane Frantz, Business Administration (General)

Wilivaldo Huizar Vidales, Information Technology

Anthony Lassiter, Automotive Systems Technology

Crystal Shehan, Computer-Integrated Machining


Randolph County

Madelaine Williams, Associate in Arts


Rutherford County

Heather Darrow, Associate in Fine Arts in Visual Arts

Samuel Farance, Film and Video Production Technology

Brian Hickling, Associate in Arts

Sarah Scholes, Associate in Science

Hannah Wermuth, Interpreter Education


Swain County

Anthony Smithson, Computer-Integrated Machining


Transylvania County

Heber Alvarado Silva, Associate in Arts

Jennifer Amato, Early Childhood Education

Ryan Anders, Computer-Integrated Machining

Robert Armstrong, Associate in Science

Airyc Asuncion, Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Vicki Baynard, Office Administration (Virtual Office)

Kayla Bracken, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Claudia Brown, Associate in Arts

Margaret Carrick, Associate in Arts

Joshua Chapman, Associate Degree Nursing

Rachel Clay, Emergency Medical Science

Skylynn Corbin, Criminal Justice Technology/Latent Evidence

Robin Crowe, Associate in Arts

Matthew Crowell, Simulation and Game Development

Jimmy Dang, Film and Video Production Technology

Emily Delgado, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Zachary Dobbins, Automotive Systems Technology

Ralph Frady, Welding Technology

David Galloway, Criminal Justice Technology

Levi Hall, Associate in Arts

John Harris, Associate in Arts

Wren Harry, Associate in Arts

Autumn Lee, Horticulture Technology

Connie McDowell, Associate in Science

Jacob Myers, Associate in Arts

Holly Owen, Associate in Science

Luke Owen, Horticulture Technology

Jose Perez Canseco, Associate in Arts

Mark Roberts, Associate in Engineering

Michael Romanelli, Associate in Science

Cameron Sexton, Emergency Management

Wesley Sheffield, Associate in Arts

Matthew Sisi, Associate in Science

Hannah Stansel, Associate in Arts

Thomas Stewart, Film and Video Production Technology

Alex Strickland, Associate in Science

Julia Ubaldo, Associate in Science

Cesar Valdez, Simulation and Game Development

Julianna Van Gores, Associate in Arts

Tanner Whitman, Pre-Associate Degree Nursing

Jason Withrow, Automotive Systems Technology

Dillon Zachary, Horticulture Technology

Kristen Zachry, Associate in Arts


Greensburg, PA

Jake Haas, Environmental Science Technology