Blue Ridge Community College Graduate Listing May 12 Ceremony


BRCC News | Published May 10, 2018

List of Recent Graduates
The following students, listed with program of study, will graduate at Blue Ridge Community College's commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 12, 2018.


Sara Anne Rhodes, Fire Protection Technology

Sean Devlin Crawford, Criminal Justice Technology
Kristina Joanne Decker, Early Childhood Education
Shelby Lynn Deitz, Accounting
Nicholas John DeMatteis, Fire Protection Technology
Jonathan Ian Douglas, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Tequeria Kevell Alexandria Harris, Office Administration-Medical Office
Randy Scott Howard, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Violet Ashley Kendall, Basic Accounting-Bookkeeping I 
Jennifer Lynn Large, Esthetics Technology
Arlene Marie Lavelle, Associate Degree Nursing
Dakota Lee Mann, Drama
Courtney Michelle Maybin, Esthetics Technology
Lauren Elizabeth McGraw, Cosmetology
Edward Scott Orrell, Emergency Management and Fire Protection Technology
Jennifer Elizabeth Preston, Emergency Medical Science
Colin Wesley Redpath, Information Technology-Computer Programming  
Vanessa M. Sogan, Esthetics Technology

Christy Porter Darden, Interpreter Education
Herbert Martin Langkilde, Interpreter Education
Danielle Shaye Michael, Interpreter Education

Rachel Nichole Tasios, Interpreter Education

David Hamilton Torres, Associate Degree Nursing
Brian James Wood, Associate Degree Nursing

Samantha Danielle Adams, College Transfer
Britany Hall Allison, Associate Degree Nursing
Danielle Leigh Allison, Office Administration 
Luke Washington Anderson, College Transfer
Jose Hector Andrade, Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Kasandra Renee Andrade, Community Spanish Interpreter
Michelle  Angeles Solano, College Transfer
Dawn Kay Armstrong, Business Administration
Lisa Michelle Ayers, General Occupational Technology
Elizabeth Ann Baird, College Transfer
Leighton Lyell Baldwin, College Transfer
Jessica M. Ballance, College Transfer
Charles Evrett Ballard, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Leah V. Balson, Criminal Justice Technology
Caroline Elizabeth Bannister, Early Childhood Education
Faith Queen Baptiste, Early Childhood Education
Eran Elisabeth Bates, Interpreter Education
Jason Walter Baxley, Welding Technology
Jack Camden Beddingfield, College Transfer
William Chad Bell, College Transfer
Brooklyn Michelle Bishop, College Transfer
Heidi Nicole Bishop, College Transfer
Kara A. Bonello, College Transfer
Rebecca Cheyanne Boss, College Transfer
Carrie Grace Brackett, Emergency Medical Science
Jason Edward Brandyburg, College Transfer
Kenneth  Brewington, II, Mechatronics Engineering Technology
Connor A. Brooks, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Kara Michelle Burk, Office Administration
Emma Elizabeth Campbell, College Transfer
Karen Lee Canfield-Budro, Associate Degree Nursing
Jeanne  Cantrell, Early Childhood Education
Karen A Capps, Associate Degree Nursing
Carina Elizabeth Carcamo, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence I
Michelle R. Carver, College Transfer
Archie W. Case, III, College Transfer
Brandon N. Chisholm, Simulation and Game Development
Jessica Michelle Clark, College Transfer
Malorie Woodruff Corhn, Associate Degree Nursing
Kristina Michaela Crawford, College Transfer
Krystal Marie Crosby, Accounting
Craig Michael Danielson, Criminal Justice Technology
Joseph William Davis, Associate Degree Nursing
Yesim Sahin Deale, Accounting
Samantha Leigh DeRosa, College Transfer
Colby B. Drake, Criminal Justice Technology
Seth Alexander Drake, College Transfer
Nathan Eugene Edwards, Computer-Integrated Machining
Julie Alizabeth Egbert, Associate Degree Nursing
Keren Eliazib Fernandez Vazquez, Associate Degree Nursing
Candace Ann Fowler, Associate Degree Nursing
Courtney Megan Fowler, Associate Degree Nursing
Francisco Javier Fuentes-Sandoval, College Transfer
Robert H. Garren, Fire Protection Technology
Garrett John Gilbert, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level II
Jacob Zachary Gillespie, College Transfer
Tanner Michael Gilliam, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology-Fuel Systems
Vicente Emmanuel Gonzalez, College Transfer
Filipp Yevgenyevich Gorovoy, College Transfer
Kirsten Saltz Gosnell, Cosmetology
Justin Derick Gschlecht, College Transfer
Allison Brooke Hackett, College Transfer
Stephanie Ann Hanners, Associate Degree Nursing
Jennifer Marie Hardin, Associate Degree Nursing
Anna McKinley Harris, Interpreter Education
Ashley Elizabeth Herre, Early Childhood Education
Pamela Mae Herre, Basic Accounting-Bookkeeping II
Jaime Archer Herring, Esthetics Technology
Christopher Ryan Hinson, College Transfer
Amber Camillia Jackson, Early Childhood Education
Ashleigh Nicole Jackson, Early Childhood Education
Brooke Aleece Jackson, Associate in General Education
Michala Alease Jackson, College Transfer
Carl Kent Johnson, Mechatronics Engineering Technology-Maintenance Technician
Melissa Whitmire Jones, Esthetics Technology
Michaelee Bryson Jones, College Transfer
Jana McGraw Julien, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence
Zachary Alan Kammermeyer, Welding Technology
Samantha Faith Kantner, Welding Technology
Britanny Mignonne Kent, College Transfer
Chandler Creedon King, Welding Technology-Multiple Plate Welding
Christopher Scott King, Welding Technology-Industrial Plate Welding
Kaitlin Danielle Klosek, Associate Degree Nursing
MaryMargaret Manning Knowles, College Transfer
Jessica Merly Krauter, Accounting
Kevin B. Landis, Horticulture Technology
Mary Denice Laughter, School-Age Education
Cheyenne Alexis Ledbetter, College Transfer
Charles Robert Leidner, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Larysa Uriyevna Lobach, College Transfer
Christopher Lee Love, Computer-Integrated Machining
Hannah Marie Lunsford, College Transfer
Kasey Lea Lyons, Environmental Science Technology
Ana Lilia Manzano, College Transfer
Samantha Morgan Marshall, Associate Degree Nursing
Adam Keith Matthews, Welding Technology
Hannah Elizabeth Matthews, Associate Degree Nursing
Theron Larnce Maybin, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
William Allen McCarson, Information Technology-Computer Programming & Development
Bobbie Danielle McCombs, Associate Degree Nursing
Jesse Nathaniel McCormack, College Transfer
Briaunna Lee McKinley, Cosmetology
Matthew Morgan McMahan, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Luke Steven McMinn, College Transfer
Ryan Eston McMurray, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Technology
Jazmin A. Mejia, Community Spanish Interpreter
Tamara Whitmire Mel, Cosmetology
Benjamin Chadwick Merrill, College Transfer
Katherine Kaiser Michaud, Art
Patricia Brooks Morris, Associate Degree Nursing
Kelly A. Motes, College Transfer
Garrett Brandon Munsey, Fire Protection Technology
Lora Owens Nielsen, Interpreter Education
Otela Ann Norris, Associate Degree Nursing
Diamond Lee Oliver, Cosmetology
Kevin  Osornio-Santiago, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Kristian Cabe Owen, Office Administration
Michelle Triggs Owen, Accounting
Yessica  Padilla-Hernandez, Associate Degree Nursing
Evan Joel Patterson, Welding Technology
Azura Lynn Paulin, College Transfer
Dustin M. Penland, General Occupational Technology
Gabrielle Autumn Poeta, College Transfer
Marci Danielle Postell, College Transfer
Billy Ray Truitt Praytor, Fire Protection Technology
Leah Hope Pryor, Business Administration
Brittany Danielle Quartararo, Esthetics Technology
Sullivan Monique Reagan, Interpreter Education
Daniel Joel Reed, College Transfer
Sara Louise Reese, Associate Degree Nursing
Aidin Thomas Renirie, Drama
Maureen Witzel Retzbach, College Transfer
Nikki LaShea Rhodes, Associate in General Education
Elizabeth Susan Richardson, College Transfer
Fabiola  Rodriguez Ibarra, College Transfer
Parker  Ruff, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level II
Rebekah Loriann Saltz, College Transfer
Vanessa Renee Scarborough, Associate Degree Nursing
Ben Clayton Seagraves, College Transfer
Sina Woodard Shackley, Associate Degree Nursing
Kyla Morgan Sharp, College Transfer
Tyler Catherine Sims, College Transfer
Hannah Nicole Smith, Associate Degree Nursing
Keela Diana Snyder, School-Age Education
Darrin L. Stepp, College Transfer
Brandon  Sturgill, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level II
Charlotte Alicia Thomas, College Transfer
Steven R. Thomas, Business Administration
Ramiro  Torres, College Transfer
Isaac Gabriel Turner, College Transfer
Elizabeth Ann Tuttle, College Transfer
Elisabeth M. Vining, College Transfer
Quentin D. Westall, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I 
Alithea Noelle Whisenant, College Transfer
Brittany Rae White, Associate Degree Nursing
Ethan Seth Williams, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Amy Beth York, Horticulture Technology
Justin Paul Youngblood, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Brigid Lynx Zietlow, College Transfer

Joshua P. Altorfer, College Transfer

Diana Marie Watts, Fire Protection Technology

Katie Annette Cox, Associate Degree Nursing
Jennifer Pratt Dale, Early Childhood Education-Administration
Duane M. Frantz, Business Administration
Wilivaldo  Huizar Vidales, Information Technology-Support and Services
Alexander Jay Klerk, Associate Degree Nursing
Michelle Brooke McCraw, College Transfer
Lucas Christian Nelson, College Transfer
Amanda Lorraine Rice, Associate Degree Nursing
Crystal Gayle Shehan, Computer-Integrated Machining
Amy Denise Suber, Office Administration

Heather Hunt Allen, Interpreter Education
Amanda Karyle Thomas Ross, Interpreter Education

Heather Ruth Darrow, Visual Arts
Samuel Miller Farance, Film and Video Production Technology
Benjamin Wade McCormack, College Transfer
Coleby Maxwell Slade, Esthetics Technology
Hannah Joy Wermuth, Interpreter Education

Anthony Lee Smithson, Jr., Computer-Integrated Machining

Adriana R. Barnes, College Transfer
Colt L. Brookshire, Automotive Systems Technology-Auto MAST Level I
Margaret Grace Carrick, College Transfer
Sarah Rae Chapman, Associate Degree Nursing
Rachel Elaine Clay, Emergency Medical Science
Shaylon T. Combs, Cosmetology
Jennifer Lynn Cook, College Transfer
Tham Thi Dang, College Transfer
Sophie Grace Davis, College Transfer
David Hunter Galloway, Criminal Justice Technology 
Levi Evan Hall, College Transfer
John Davids Harris, College Transfer
Kristen Beth Henninger, College Transfer
Valorie Michelle Herzog, Associate in General Education
Calee MyKael Lance, Criminal Justice Technology-Criminal Justice II
Melody Lisa Luttrell, Associate in General Education
Vickie Lynn McCall, Criminal Justice Technology-Latent Evidence
Justin Lee Merrill, Automotive Systems Technology
Katherine Nicole Moore, Associate Degree Nursing
Elizabeth Marie Morgan, Associate Degree Nursing
Crystal Dawn Norton, Associate Degree Nursing
Holly Renee Ogden, College Transfer
Jordan Gage Orr, College Transfer
Luke Christian Owen, Horticulture Technology
Trenton Lane Penley, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Jose Rene Perez Canseco, College Transfer
Caitlin Brooke Peterson, Esthetics Technology
Johnathan Wiley Pierce, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Brittany Nicole Powell, Associate Degree Nursing
Elizabeth Lynn Richardson, Esthetics Technology
William Larkin Seale, III, Automotive Systems Technology
Hannah Elaine Stansel, College Transfer
Cesar Roberto Valdez, Simulation and Game Development
Mariana Elizabeth Vazquez, Associate Degree Nursing
Michaela L. Villecco, College Transfer
Heather Ann Witt, College Transfer

John Patrick Bagley, Brewing, Distillation, and Fermentation
Jesse Daniel Catalano, Computer-Integrated Machining