Blue Ridge Community College Signs Articulation Agreement with Brevard College


BRCC News | Published July 18, 2019

To make transferring to a four-year university from a two-year college an even more seamless transition, Blue Ridge Community College signed an articulation agreement with Brevard College on July 11. 

Brevard College is starting an Early Childhood Education program for the first time in Fall 2019. Blue Ridge’s Early Childhood program has an articulation agreement with all universities in the UNC system. 

Blue Ridge Dean for Business and Service Careers Brenda Blackburn and Betsy Burrows with Brevard College co-wrote the articulation in a collaborative effort. 
Blackburn explained that private colleges are interested in getting these agreements as well, and Brevard marks the second private college they’ve signed with, the first being Gardner-Webb University.

“There are various other private schools wanting to jump on this opportunity as well,” Blackburn said. 

One of the first students in Brevard’s new Early Childhood program is Tracy Pace, a current Blue Ridge student who will earn her associate’s degree this summer. In addition to being a student, Pace is also the proud mother of two students at Blue Ridge. 

Blackburn said Pace is just one of countless future Brevard students who’ll be transitioning over after completing their degree from Blue Ridge.

“Brevard will get good, quality students from our ranks,” Blackburn added. “Our courses aren’t a walk in the park. Our students earn their degrees.” 

A contributing factor to the success of the Early Childhood Program is its ties with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), which serves to educate students on professionalism in working with young children. The Early Childhood Program is accredited through NAEYC, which is a strenuous accreditation process and demonstrates the quality of the program. 

Blackburn said an early start for children not only prevents issues from arising later in life, but also helps your local economy because of the lowered crime rates. 
In the state of North Carolina, anyone interested in teaching in an NC-PreK or Kindergarten, requires a four-year Birth-K licensure, and two years of this degree can be earned at Blue Ridge. 

“People sometimes don’t understand the importance of early care and education,” Blackburn said. “But through this articulation agreement, we’re one step closer to spreading that awareness.” 

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