Blue Ridge Community College signs guaranteed admission agreement with Fayetteville State University


BRCC News | Published October 11, 2019

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To make transferring to a four-year university from a two-year college an even more seamless transition, Blue Ridge Community College recently signed an articulation agreement with Fayetteville State University on Oct. 7 ultimately guaranteeing admission to the four-year college for students who meet eligibility requirements.

Blue Ridge Vice President of Instruction Kathy Allen explained how this agreement simplifies the process for students and helps them achieve their educational goals.

FSU Chancellor Dr. Peggy Valentine stated, “This is a win-win. It helps us bring in more students from North Carolina – particularly from rural communities – and helps us grow our enrollment. This year we experienced a 3.7% spike in enrollment and we want to keep that trend going. It also helps grow the local economy because our students earning degrees are increasing their chances of obtaining leadership positions.”

The articulation agreement is unique in that it is a guaranteed admission agreement, meaning any lue Ridge student who meets the eligibility requirements will be guaranteed admission into Fayetteville State.

Fayetteville State University is one of seventeen (17) constituent institutions of The University of North Carolina ("UNC System"), and the second-oldest public institution of higher education in the state, having been founded in 1867. FSU offers degrees at the baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral levels. With more than 6,300 students, Fayetteville State University is among the most diverse institutions in the nation.

FSU and Blue Ridge will create and administer a program on each Party's campus called the Promise Program: A Direct-Entry Admission Program (the "Program"). The Program name may be changed upon the mutual written consent of both parties.

Building on the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA), the Program will allow currently enrolled Blue Ridge students a direct-entry pathway to FSU available upon graduation from

Blue Ridge Community College Students who wish to participate in the Program must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Be a currently enrolled student at Blue Ridge in a degree-seeking capacity;
  • Submit FSU application for admission and transcript(s) by FSU deadlines;
  • Be in good standing at Blue Ridge and other institutions attended;
  • Demonstrate good citizenship and conduct; Earn and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 at Blue Ridge and a minimum GPA of 2.00 in their most recent term; and
  • Earn an Associate's degree from Blue Ridge in a college transfer program or in an applied program for which an articulation agreement exists.
  • Enroll at FSU within one academic year (within the next two regular terms (fall) spring semesters) of completion of the Associate's degree).

One Blue Ridge student who plans to transfer to FSU, a psychology major named Jessie Cobb, attended the signing.

“I was trying to find a school that fit what I needed and allowed me to take online courses. While I was in Ms. Deborah DeWitt’s class last spring, she brought up FSU, and the combination of affordability, transfer ease and proximity to home sold me,” Cobb said.

FSU also offers a $10K Degree Pathway Program that allows associate’s degree recipients to complete an online bachelor’s degree at FSU for a maximum “out of pocket” cost of $10,000.

Valentine added, “This transfer agreement allows for a quick transition for students (like Jessie) with associate degrees to come to FSU and earn their four-year degree in no time at all.”