Brevard Native & Blue Ridge Grad Shares Love of Outdoors with Brevard High School Students


BRCC News | Published January 21, 2020

Victoria Beauregard and Shane Worley serve Subway sandwich and build community at BRCCAs a Blue Ridge Community College Student, Shane Worley gave his all to the Transylvania campus community. Earning a 4.0 GPA, the non-traditional, returning student tutored classmates in Spanish and Math, served on the student government, and built a reputation as a student leader on campus before graduating in 2013.

After 15 years in the workforce, Worley began community college.  He had been working in the construction industry and coaching football at Brevard High before coming to Blue Ridge.  Worley went from “coaching kids of people I went to school with, to being at Blue Ridge studying alongside students I had coached.”

“My experiences with the BRCC staff prepared me as an older student for what college was going to be like. Blue Ridge gives you a good foundation for when you take that next step to the four-year university. I was prepared when I walked into Brevard College,” explains Worley.

Victoria Beauregard, who graduated with Worley from Blue Ridge, remembers, “Coach Shane is the type of guy who is the first to offer help without you having to ask for it.  He saw me struggling with my math homework in the student lounge and promptly offered to help. He took a coach's approach to tutoring, drilling the material until I understood, but also encouraged me to not give up at the same time. I couldn’t have passed without him. Shane was always willing to help out and step up, which inspired students to become more involved.”

Allan Smith, Blue Ridge Biology Instructor, recalls that Worley made classes enjoyable with his pure love of science and enthusiasm. “Shane is all-around one of the top students I have taught, and I am ecstatic that he has gone into teaching to share his wealth of knowledge.”

Worley went on from Blue Ridge to earn a Bachelor’s of Arts in Science and Teacher Licensure at Brevard College.  “My wife told me I was working way too hard.  I left Blue Ridge with a perfect 4.00, and I graduated with a 3.78 from Brevard College. I only had two Bs in four years, and I'm still mad about that.”

Worley is now a certified Science teacher at Brevard High School, teaching physical science and Biology.  These days Worley puts his whole self into being a teacher, serving as an assistant offensive line football coach, and facilitating two student clubs:  Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Brevard Bass Fishing Club.  Worley, who played football back in the day for BHS, is proud to teach and coach at his old high school.

Worley enjoys reaching a larger group of young people through teaching. One of his favorite parts of teaching is demonstrating “the react-ability (explosiveness) of elements on periodic table.”

The science teacher is passing down lessons on outdoorsmanship he learned from his dad. “Growing up, my father, me, and my two brothers, we were in the woods or in the water all the time, hunting and fishing and camping and all that stuff,  learning things like vegetation grows on the north side of a tree, how to identify poison ivy, where chiggers come from. Those kinds of things made me appreciate how I was growing up.”

It is meaningful to Worley to have grown up in the Brevard area, with “our beautiful mountains and our streams,” to have had the opportunity to attend college here and experience the outdoors, “now I’m able to take that experience to the classroom to let my students experience.”

An observer will find Worley’s students learning actively, dissecting starfish, going outside to places like Nicholson Creek to study limiting factors in ecology or the specifics of fish and insect habitats.  

Worley, who has “never met a stranger,” lets the Brevard High School students really get to know him and his family. “If you're at a ballgame you'll see my daughter with the cheerleaders or the volleyball team. My son is probably on the field with the players or shooting basketball in the gym, or in the dugout at the baseball games, and I think that's good too.”

A future goal for Worley may include more college work, earning a Master’s in Educational Leadership to one day serve in school leadership.  Whatever his role, teacher, coach, or  mentor, Brevard High Students benefit from learning from such a wholehearted person as Shane Worley.

Story by BRCC Staff Michele Handy

Pictured: Victoria Beauregard (left) and Shane Worley (right) serve Subway and build community in the Blue Ridge Community College student lounge.  Both students served as part of the BRCC Student Government.  Post graduation from Blue Ridge, Worley works as a teacher at BHS, and Beauregard is the registrar clerk at Blue Ridge Community College's Henderson County Campus. (photo credit: Edward Maglott)