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Aid you can bank on now.

You’ve made a wise financial choice in picking Blue Ridge Community College: Thanks to hundreds of scholarship opportunities and low-cost tuition, our education is affordable and accessible. And we’re here to help you keep making smart money moves. 

Maybe college is your first time earning a paycheck and taking care of bills and expenses all on your own. Or, maybe you’re coming back to school and are trying to juggle the cost while working less in order to have time for classes and assignments. Whatever the case, the resources below can aid you in making sense of your dollars and cents. The following links cover the basics of money management, from creating a budget to building good credit. You’ll also find an overview of your options for paying for college, as well as tips for preventing financial fraud and identity theft.

The education you gain at Blue Ridge Community College will last your lifetime, as will the skill of money management. Developing healthy fiscal habits now will allow you to save for your future, dodge debt, and avoid money mistakes down the road.

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