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Since 1969, Blue Ridge Community College has supported the leaders and associates of critical workforce sectors through higher education. Today, the Blue Ridge Leadership Institute brings together every leadership, management, and network-building resource of the College’s 200+ programs and initiatives under one roof with the single goal of making you the best leader you can be.

Through conferences, workshops, classroom collaborations, and specialized tracks, the Institute propels current and aspiring leaders into our communities. We’ll meet you where you are, according to your goals, and help you to cultivate crucial leadership qualities. You’ll learn to adapt, envision new possibilities, and drive progress and innovation in your organization.

Your Leadership Journey

Leadership is an ongoing journey of personal and professional growth, not a final destination. It involves continual development of the skills and qualities necessary to inspire and guide others as you realize your collective goals. The Blue Ridge Leadership Institute offers a full menu of professional learning environments to help you progress in your leadership journey.

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Collaborative Learning

Focus on networking, community involvement, and collaborative growth, while gaining a broader knowledge of community operations, sectors, and relationships.

Practical Credentials

Gain new strengths for your leadership roles and environments by earning relevant and useful credentials alongside like-minded professionals.

Small Business Support

From coaching and mentor training to short seminars to a six-month leadership cohort, take your small business to the next level through Blue Ridge.

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Earn a Leadership Certificate. *

The Leadership Certificate track consists of three engaging courses: Introduction to Leadership, Data-Driven Leadership, and Leading Change. These courses cover a range of topics beginning with the essential elements, characteristics and techniques used by today’s leaders, placing emphasis on analytical thinking and data-driven decision making. The track concludes with successful strategies for organizations to analyze and adapt in a continually changing world.
*this track consists of three fully-online courses

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You’ll be a stronger leader,
and we’ll help you earn the credentials to prove it.

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