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Bicycle Maintenance Basics

Learn about your bicycle functions and what is needed to do a pre-ride inspection. You will also learn about changing a flat-tire and basic tools needed for you to take on your ride. You will be guided through hands-on instruction and how to use basic tools to perform these tasks. You will have a better understanding of basis bicycle functionality and gain essential knowledge for your next trip. Registration Fee: $71.30.

Bicycle Brake Maintenance

Gain the knowledge to be able to evaluate the condition of your brakes and learn how to clean them. You will also learn the basics of adjusting or repairing your brakes through hands-on instruction. You do not need to have any previous experience to enjoy this course. Registration Fee: $71.30.

Bicycle Gears & Derailleurs

Learn how many gears your bicycle has, how to use them properly and gain an understanding of how gears work. You will also learn about the function and importance of the derailleur, gain an understanding of the mechanism and how to make adjustments to the derailleur. You do not need to have previous experience to enjoy this course. Registration Fee: $71.30.


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