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Course description:

In this course, you’ll gain understanding of how the skills of Strategic Thinking & Strategic Communication are intertwined and interrelated; one endeavors to think futuristically, and the other gives expression in communication – the main parameter of solving problems. Learn how to win people over and address problems in a collaborative manner. In these changing times, a paradigm shift of authority is quickly emerging as a collaborative authority rather than a command and control authority. You will learn how to hone in and combine your strategic thinking skills and strategic communication skills with live active tools that will demonstrate the way to your next success.

Course schedule:

  • March 3 – April 28, 2023
  • Fridays, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • 48 classroom hours
  • Tuition is $170
  • To secure your seat in the Strategic Thinking & Strategic Communication course, registration must be received by February 24, 2023. Enrollment is limited.

Registration for the 2023 Program is now open.

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Course objectives:

  • Learn to think strategically about everything.
  • Learn to gain strategic thinking & communication skills that can be a game changer to a person’s professional career as well as in their personal life.
  • Learn to think about the future effectively while creating a space for new things to appear.
  • Learn to think creatively and collectively in team dynamics.
  • Learn how to make decision-making a thorough professional expression that leads to minimizing errors in decision-making.
  • Learn how to present oneself through the art of communication by utilizing powerful skills that can go a long way.


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