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Art Course Schedule

Art Course Descriptions

Beginning Drawing

Learn the basic drawing skills necessary to tap into your innate artistic abilities and creativity. Learning to ‘see as an artist sees’ will enable you to process visual information as artists do. The goal is to create your own learning style and have a better understanding of how to grow as an artist. Bring 4B/6B drawing pencils, vine or compressed charcoal, kneaded eraser and medium-sized sketch pad to first class.

Drawing Fundamentals

Learn the skills and techniques to draw from the world around you with classroom and outside experience. Gain an understanding of basic drawing and how to apply design elements that include shading, line, shape, and space. Whether you are a beginner or just brushing up on your skills, this class will provide a basic understanding of drawing. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Eye to Hand Drawing Workshop

Want to develop your passion for drawing? This three-hour drawing intensive for beginner’s or non-beginners alike focuses on looking closely, guiding students to see the hand with an artist’s eye. It is the perfect way to get your hands and eyes moving and see if you want to take a longer drawing class. Just bring a stick of vine charcoal (art supply), eraser and sketchpad to your first class.

Hand Lettering Exploration

Explore various forms of lettering based on traditional elegant forms. Hand lettering can be used in journals, sketchbooks, cards, signage and original works of art. A variety of drawing techniques will be introduced to help create a wide range of styles. All levels welcome. A supply list will be provided for students to bring their own materials to each session.

Round Hand Calligraphy

Learn the classic ‘Round Hand’ or ‘Foundation Hand’ style of calligraphy along with correct approaches to spacing and layout. Once learned, the Round Hand can be used alone or easily adapted into many other styles, hence the term foundation. This course is a great introduction to calligraphy and should be taken prior to the advanced course where other styles are studied. In this course, you will produce a finished piece such as a poem or favorite quotation including color, if desired.

Illuminated Manuscript Lettering

Learn the six dominant periods of illuminated lettering from the 6th Century to the 16th Century and choose your favorite style to use throughout the course. Illuminated lettering can be used as an art form on many surfaces such as t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards wall art and other gift items. Make your favorite quotes or verses come to life with illuminated letters using a step by step approach using color and 23kt gold leaf. No previous art training is required to enroll; open to all levels.

Learning and Loving Watercolor

Develop your watercolor painting skills as we cover the basics of watercolor techniques including washes, bleeds, gradations, and masking. Learn the proper use of brushes, water, and pigment with an emphasis on mixing your own colors. Experiment with a variety of effects, working realistically and abstractly. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Watercolor & Collage Adventure

Learn how watercolors and paper come together in a new manner to create a mixed media magical masterpiece. You will begin with painting and add character and depth with torn papers that have been created or gathered from exotic locations.

Oil Painting

Learn the techniques and applications needed to paint with oils. Emphasis will be placed on formalism and the use of traditional techniques. By the end of this course, you should be comfortable using and manipulating paint toward developing further works based on your individual interests and expression.

Pastel Painting

Enjoy learning the creative powers of pastel. You will learn to translate what you see into what you paint, through palette selection, use of certain materials, picking correct values (colors), composition, plus blending and layering of color. This course will build on different stages, starting with sketching and drawing, blocking in and building up, leading to a successful painting. Some drawing skills are preferred. A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Intermediate Pastel Painting

Expand your knowledge and skills beyond the Pastel Painting course. You will be encouraged to push your limits to achieve exciting pastel painting skills. As you focus on your drawing skills, creating effective color relationships and strong design you will continue to grow your knowledge. You will also learn wet underpaintings with sanded pastel paper in this course.

Sketching Without Fear

Learn to draw what you see around you every day. In this course, you will be introduced to the pure joy of sketching the world from your unique perspective. You will begin with exercises that teach you how to be observant, nonjudgmental and learn to start drawing right away. Bring a pencil, eraser and sketch pad to your first class. All levels are welcomed. You may meet at different locations for some classes.

Understanding Color

Gain an introduction to Color Theory and how to use color more effectively. You will develop an understanding of basic terminology and the relationships between color combinations. Experiment with mixing colors through artistic and design applications. A supply list will be provided upon registration.


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