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Learn to defend yourself with traditional Karate. You will learn basic defensive techniques, self-defense skills. You will also help you to increase your fitness, strength, balance, focus, and flexibility. No previous Karate experience needed all levels of instruction will be provided. You will not learn sparring at the introductory level.

Qigong for Health and Wellness

Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice with wonderful health benefits. With slow, graceful movements, visualization and breathing allows you to connect with your body and become conscious of your Qi (life force energy). Learn a classic form called Eight Piece Brocade and meditations. Qigong can be done by anyone regardless of age or health.

Yoga for Every Body

Learn to unite breath with movement, flexibility with strength and lessons “on the mat” with perspective in life. Individuals of all ages and levels of expertise are welcome. You should wear comfortable clothing and bring your own mat and towel.


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